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The Sleepy Bird

todayMarch 28, 2017 15

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By Maria Martinez
Blog Content Contributor

Is it really true that the early bird gets the worm? Honestly, I don’t think this is always the case.

I have never been a morning person, and I don’t think I will ever be. I believe 8:00 a.m. classes should be banned from all schools since brains don’t even work “well” at that time.

It is not that I am lazy, but I work 10 times better at night because I know I am done with my day and now I can concentrate on everything else that I have to do. I don’t understand how some people wake up the morning before a test to study. Whenever I say that, my body prefers to sleep in; I can’t trust myself with that commitment. I prefer to be up all night studying, and have at least a decent two hours of sleep, then being up at 6:00 a.m. trying to learn Supreme Court cases for my Media Law class.  

For some people it is better to work at night than during the day. Photo by Sophia Martinez.

The undeserved “lazy” stigma given to night owls, is caused by the early birds of the world never seeing you at your most productive because, ironically, they’re often fast asleep by the time you get going. But scientists have proven that some people’s melatonin secretion begins very late, which makes it easy for them to stay awake (and productive) well into the night. So don’t feel bad, you are not inferior!

I am clearly not compatible with standard office job hours. My parents are always asking me how am I supposed to maintain a job if I cannot wake up early. I try to calm them down by saying that this might just be a “phase” and that I am going to get over it after I graduate. Except the truth is that I have been a night owl since I was a kid. I gave my parents so much trouble!  

However, I am not the only one! One Spanish study suggested that night owls who sleep in, may be more intelligent than their day-bound classmates. According to The Independent, President Obama, Charles Darwin, Winston Churchill, Keith Richards, and Elvis Presley are some of the many famous and successful night owls. So don’t worry mom and dad, I can be successful as well!

We are also more creative and outgoing. An Italian study compared the artwork and creative ideas of both night owls and early birds, who underwent the same creative thinking tests. The later sleepers passed with really high points, while the early risers did half as well.

So yes, while early birds do get some worms, naturally late risers get some perks too.

Featured photo courtesy of Sophia Martinez.

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