MR Fest Artist Profile: Madisons

By Troy Vita
Assistant Music Director

Dominic Solis- Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Heidi Garcia- Vocals, Violin
Thomas Damron- Upright Bass
Nick Kukowski- Vocals, Banjo
Mike Rothschild- Drums
Cass Brostad- Accordion, Vocals, Percussion
Patrick Davis- Electric Guitar

Austin-based band Madisons is bringing their full-sized folk band and gritty twang to San Marcos for this year’s MR Fest. With a style they describe as “Lyric driven garage-folk for people at the bottom,” they play powerful songs about the struggles of everyday life.

With three albums since late 2012, another set to release this summer (No Man’s Land) and an east coast tour coming up in July, Madisons is gonna have a lot to show us when they take the stage at Buzzmill at 4pm on Saturday the 29th.

Featured image courtesy of Madisons.

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