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By Dedrion Weweh
Blog Content Contributor

There is something blissful about each time I retreat to my yoga mat and complete a sequence. It is more than just improving my flexibility, learning challenging poses, or completing my exercise for the given day. When I indulge in yoga, I am surrendering not just my ego, but all of my daily anxieties, insecurities, and pressures too. Regardless if I engage in a group-led or a solo session, my end result is usually the same.

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“When I indulge in yoga, I am surrendering not just my ego, but all of my daily anxieties, insecurities, and pressures too.” Photo courtesy of Dedrion Weweh.

I have been practicing yoga for the last four years, and it was brought to my attention when I attended a donation-oriented, group session at Black Swan Yoga in Austin, Texas. My initial impression was, “Wow, why haven’t I done this before?” and “Wow, how do I feel so relaxed after this rigorous session?”. The most charming element I found to be very comforting, were the mantras recited; they allowed me to truly align and affirm my inner light with a focused vision.

Some may argue that yoga is not for everyone, simply for the fact that some people lack flexibility or do not deem their body type fit, yet do not realize that the expert in anything was once a beginner. Another pleasant factor is that yogis can engage in poses and postures that appropriately correlate with their skill set as there are many different sequences for various aims. As long as you have a mat and some surrounding space, one may practice almost anywhere that facilitates brief motion. The idea of constantly pushing yourself, and expanding boundaries that we usually undermine, are attractive lures that yoga repeatedly instills upon enthusiasts.

The health benefits are another reason to be drawn towards this practice. Yoga is known to reduce blood-pressure, heighten well-being, reduced anxiety, promoted blood flow and many other positive attributes. Similar to a runner’s high, I tend to feel a relaxed, intoxicated-like shift in my demeanor upon finishing a sequence.

The personal intimacy involved with partner-led Acroyoga is another enticing element to consider. Not only is having another person present usually a motivational boost, but also presents the opportunity to engage in new poses that are very physically engaging and challenging. Regardless of with or without a partner, yoga yields positive results no matter the amount of people present.

Yoga promotes building your own path and retaining the progress. It serves as a time to cast aside negative influence, and facilitate personal growth. It rewards those who have a constant yearning to exceed. There is a surplus of positivity that stems from the practice, and all one has to offer is themselves.

As the old saying goes, “Seek, and you shall find.”.

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