Meet the Newest Artist Blending Hip-Hop and Soulful R&B Deem Spencer

By Nora Jones
Music Journalist

Artist: Deem Spencer
Album: Sunflower EP
Release Date: January 11, 2017

Deem Spencer, an emerging artist from Queens, is one of the more exciting rappers from New York. Similar to Frank Ocean or Kevin Abstract, Deem Spencer can switch up his singing with his rapping, flawlessly blending Hip-Hop and R&B styles. Spencer released his Sunflower EP on SoundCloud back in August, but more recently made it available for streaming in January. He started off his year, by releasing a music video for his track “Soap”, and recently released a video for his single “Iwyboft”. In his single “Soap”, Spencer discusses how he used to follow the same path as everyone else and his friends -who had a lot to do with his past actions, which he clearly states in the lines “But what’s awkward is that I would jump off a bridge if my friends do it”.

However, in “Iwyboft”, Spencer reflects that of how many young people act when it comes to cheating. While, “Soap” takes on a more serious mood, Spencer’s music video for “Iwyboft” is more lighthearted as he expresses his comedic side, as well as his ability to appeal to his young adult audience. The Queens artist also displays exceptional collaborative skills with trip-hop soul group, Babeheaven, in their song “Your Love”. He brings an element to the song that makes it whole with his soft rap style, perfectly matching the ambiance of the music. Deem Spencer is one artist worth keeping an eye on.

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