10,000 Steps Towards Health

By Kimberly Garcia
Blog Content Contributor

On average, people walk about 4,500 steps in one day. I am sure you have heard about the moderate minimum of 10,000 for a daily average. There are various benefits to walking those 10,000 steps! You are balancing out the number of calories you eat with the amount you shed, completing a moderate amount of activity throughout your day and with keeping your state of mind in tact all while you are not even realizing it.

Majority of people think that eating less is all you need to lose a few pounds, when in reality you are only fighting half the battle. Exercising brings weight loss, so walking just a little bit more than usual can balance out maybe the large lunch you had. If you are not moving and are eating options that are not the healthiest, you may end up with more health problems than what you would like. Even if you do have a healthy diet, exercise plays a major role in the balancing.

File_000 (8)
This app counts your daily steps, as well as the amount of miles and flights you have completed. Photo via Health on IOS.

Every step counts, so try taking the stairs every time you can instead of taking the elevator! This can make a huge difference for the number of steps you are able to take throughout the day. Keeping track on a day to day may seem impossible, but thanks to technology, you can download apps to your phone that automatically count for you. I personally like using the Health app on IOS because it tracks the number of steps taken as well as the number stairs climbed.

If you notice that you are still not taking enough steps throughout the day, then try taking longer routes on your daily treks. This could also allow some time to think about the day you have had, sorting out your plans or absolutely nothing at all. Taking some time to relax and appreciate the scene around you can help relieve any stress you have.

Thinking about walking 10,000 steps can be daunting but once you get into a routine, it will just become a daily habit not too long after. Feel encouraged to do your own research on the health benefits you can reap from just amping up your day’s journey!

Featured image by Andrea Torres.

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