Bringin’ the Oldies Back at Blue Starlite

By Jashel Negron
Blog Content Contributor

Do you ever wish you had a time machine and could go back to when times were simpler? When there were Polaroids, music was played on turntables and diners were the go-to place for hangouts? Lucky for you, the Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-In makes you feel as if you were back in the ’60s. Bring your family, a date, friends or even throw a private party. Whatever the occasion, Blue Starlite is the perfect spot for those who love outdoor movies.

What is it like?

Located in South Austin, Texas, Blue Starlite is the first “Mini Urban Drive-In” in the world. They play a wide selection of movies nightly, from the classic Breakfast Club to Wonder Woman– they have it all. They even have movies for different occasions! For instance, starting September 29th through October 31st, they are having a “Haunted Drive-In” where they will play Halloween classics from Hocus Pocus to Nightmare On Elm Street.

pic1 jashel
Park your car, get comfy and enjoy the show. Photo by Jashel Negron.

How can you get tickets?

The drive-in is set up so that you purchase your tickets online. You visit their website and purchase a ticket depending on what car you have, and customize it based on how many passengers you will have. There are also snack packages, ranging from s’mores to popcorn that you can choose from. However, if you do not want to order from online, you can always purchase some goodies at their concession stand!

Visiting Blue Starlite is an experience like no other. Laying in the back of a car with your significant other, watching a movie you both enjoy surrounded by fresh air is a feeling that cannot be forgotten.

Featured image by Jashel Negron.

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