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By Austin Cowan
Assistant Web Content Manager

Herbert’s Taco Hut is a San Marcos Mexican-cuisine favorite. Locals and tourists flock to this little restaurant every day to eat their food. I ate at Herbert’s for the first time last week and was absolutely blown away by how enjoyable my experience was. Here’s why Herbert’s Taco Hut is a must-do activity in order to achieve the San Maximum experience.

The Food

“They were filled with beef which quickly filled me up.” Photo by Austin Cowan.

The food here is some of the best I have had in San Marcos. The first thing I liked about Herbert’s were the chips and salsa. Every Mexican food lover knows that a restaurant’s chips and salsa are crucial when deciding whether to come back or not. The chips are slightly thicker when compared to chips at competing restaurants in the area, and the salsa has a slower heat to it. I personally enjoy thicker chips because none of my chips broke in the salsa when scooping it up. The next thing I ate really surprised me, not by how it tasted but from how fast I received it. The two beef enchiladas I ordered actually made it to the table before I finished the chips and salsa. As a foodie, this had never happened to me before. As for the enchiladas, they were filled enough beef to quickly fill me up. The enchilada sauce on top of them was rich and warm. If anyone wants to try these enchiladas out, you may run into me when I come back for more.

The Hospitality

The service at Herbert’s is difficult to beat. As soon as I walked through the door I found myself being lead to an open table by a friendly waiter. While I was at the table eating my food, I did a little listening and people watching to find out what kind of culture this restaurant has (yes, I did a little eavesdropping). What I found out by listening to other people’s conversations was that many of the staff members know their customers personally. Waiters would ask their customers if they would like the usual and either receive a head nod or a rebuttal in return. However, after diverging into normal restaurant small talk waiters would ask customers personal questions which only a friend would ask: Is your aunt feeling better? Is that new puppy of yours potty trained yet? How is school going for you [insert child’s name here]? As a human who loves to see others thrive in community with one another, I loved what I saw and heard here. Herbert’s Taco Hut gets an A+ in service.

Herbert’s Taco Hut is one of the most beloved Mexican restaurants in the area. From the chips and salsa to the enchiladas, the chefs always make their best. Herbert’s Taco Hut is definitely part of the maximum San Marcos experience.

Featured image by Austin Cowan.

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  1. Samantha Garcia on September 17, 2017

    I’m a San Martian, born and raised. Everyone knows Herbert’s, even the cashier is my next door neighbor lol. Been coming here since I could remember, food, atmosphere, friendly staff has never changed😘 Always #1 in my book. I recommend the Chile con queso with chips👍 We always get this during football season!!!

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