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Country Dancing is for Everyone

todaySeptember 17, 2017 29

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By Austin Cowan
Assistant Web Content Manager

Country dancing is just about one of the most enjoyable activities people can do together. There is something about spinning people in circles to the tempo of a song that not only allows strangers to become friends, but maybe even fall in love. So I honestly find it sad to find people who have never been taught how to dance before. If anyone out there wishes to learn how to perform a simple two step or a make a non-edible pretzel, then this post is for you. Below are a few ways for people to learn how to country dance.

Dance At Home By Yourself

It may feel silly but dancing by yourself really can help a person learn the basics to country dancing. By dancing with oneself, new dancers will learn a few key elements to dancing. First, new dancers will learn how to dance to the beat. Keeping up with the tempo is important when dancing because it allows couples to flow with one another. The second thing new dancers can learn is what clothes they enjoy dancing in. Picking the right outfit when going to a dance hall is actually an important decision because the clothes should make the wearer look hot and sexy yet feel comfortable. Dance halls are notorious for being filled with hot, sweaty people. So, if you are a guy, make sure to dance in shirts which allow the body to breathe. Girls do not enjoy dancing with guys who are drenched with sweat. On the other end of the spectrum, girls– do not wear your purse onto the dance floor. Girls who wear pursues onto the dance floor are not enjoyable to dance with because purses get slung around and hit people. Instead of bringing your purse with you, find a pair of jeans you enjoy dancing in and bring into a dance hall only what you need: ID and credit card.

Watching YouTube videos is an easy way to gain expert knowledge within the comfort of your own home for free. Below is a video which will be helpful for anyone learning the basics to country dancing.

Practice Routinely

Practicing dance moves by yourself will only get you so far. If someone is serious about becoming a good dancer then they must dance with other people routinely. Country dancing is a social event so find a dance partner who is enjoyable to be around and practice with them. Once two people become used to dancing with each other, dancing becomes monumentally easier. Traditionally, men are supposed to be the lead when dancing, which is fun for women because they get to sit back and enjoy the dance without having to navigate the couple around the dance floor. So men: learn how to spin a girl. Spinning is the simplest trick a couple can do on the dance floor and girls love it. Not only do girls love to be spun, but spinning makes dancing less awkward. When new people dance, they normally move at a slow pace and talk with their dance partner. If a couple finds themselves within an awkward silence while on the dance floor spinning is the perfect way to break it. If you want to learn how to perform a simple spin watch the video below.


There is no debate about it, dancing can be exhausting. Country dancing is actually very physically involved and will tire people out quickly. For anyone who wishes to be a serious dancer, exercising is a must. Exercise is not only healthy to do, it also helps people build both strength and stamina both which are good to have on the dance floor. So this week, actually go to the gym and get a good workout. Working out will pay off on the dance floor by not only making a person a better dancer but a hotter one as well. Good dance partners are much appreciated at dance halls.

Go to Dance Halls With Friends

Country dancing can be intimidating for new dancers but friends can make this experience much easier. Friends will not only help each other learn how to become better dancers, but they take care of one another. The best thing about friends is that it does not matter how stupid they look in front of one another, they will still love each other. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.” Go be stupid with your friends and dance together. I cannot think of many things better than dancing with friends.

Dance With Randoms

If asking other people to dance is scary, then suck it up and start asking people to dance with you. Dancing with other people you do not know can build your confidence as a dancer for a couple reasons. You will learn a lot from dancers you meet on the floor. If they are more experienced than you, they can teach you new moves. If a stranger knows less than you about dancing, then teach them something new. People at dance halls are at of all kinds of skill levels which is good to know because it makes dancing less scary for new dancers. So fellas, next time a dance floor is filled with girls you do not know, go dance with them. Dancing with strangers can actually change a people’s lives. A friend of mine met a man at Cowboys Dance Hall a few summers ago and they are now married with three kids. Asking Shelby to dance was the best decision her husband ever made and the same thing can happen to other people. Go find your soulmate today.

Country Dance Halls Near San Marcos

Dancing is a great activity for people of all ages. If anyone does not know how to dance yet, then make today memorable by taking that first step. Country dancing is not difficult once the basics have been learned so watch some tutorial videos and find a dance partner today. Country dancing has and will continue to fill up people’s lives with joy. Be joyful and country dance.

Extra Tutorial Videos

Here are a few more videos that will help beginners learn how to dance country style.

Featured image by Austin Cowan. 

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