Cat Crew Breaks Down UTSA

By Andrew Zimmel
Sports Reporter

BCR Audio Icon

On Wednesday, September 20th, the Bobcat Radio “Cat Crew” broke down this Saturday’s matchup against the UTSA Roadrunners. The crew started out with recapping the Appalachian State game last Saturday (2:37) and how much of a heart break a 98 yard drive to tie a game was for fans of the Bobcats.

The first caller was Andy Everett, voice of the UTSA Roadrunners and avid Golf fan, who really broke down why UTSA feels so confident this Saturday, what the Lynn Hickey resignation has effect in terms of a program shift, and how Frank Wilson’s done as a head coach both in recruiting and winning ball games (13:20)

Afterwards, San Marcos Rattlers Head Coach Mark Soto calls in and helps break down how this Saturday’s game against Taft will be a bounce back from the loss last week (31:13)

The Cat Crew breaks down how the UTSA might shake out, and gives out weekly “Mid Week Spotlight” to end the show (54:14).


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