College Radio Day: Some Insight From Our Production Director

By Allison Johnson
Blog Content Contributor

It’s College Radio Day. Today we celebrate every creative and driven soul that puts in the hard work to keep a college radio station running. We love you all. Everyone here at KTSW makes the work experience unique and fun.

Today I am thankful for the opportunities of what working at a college radio station has provided. I don’t always have the chance to physically say what I’m feeling, so sometimes it’s best to just write it. That’s why I love being apart of the Web Content department.

This past summer, I grew out of my comfort zone of the web content department, and joined the production staff. Interested in applying? Apply here! In the meantime, check out this video and learn all about what happens in the production department. Production Director, Jourdan Bazley gives us some insight on what goes on in the production studio.


Video shot and edited by Patrick Vande Hey.

Featured image by Renee Dominguez.

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