Texas State University Deals with Third Bomb Threat

By Camelia Juarez
Assistant News Director

Police have given the all-clear after the third bomb threat in less than a week at Texas State University on Wednesday. The threat came in around 9:40 A.M., according to Patrick Cochran, an assistant director at the University Police Department (UPD). He says that UPD is working with federal authorities to investigate who made the threats, although he wasn’t sure which agency was assisting.

Police on the scene. Photo by Aaron Derton.

Police say the threats originate from an unknown number. Wednesday’s threat was sent to a worker in the LBJ Student Center and promptly reported to police. Previous threats, a shooting and bomb threat on Tuesday and a threat last Thursday, were spread via social media from screenshots of the text.

While the University’s response has upset some students on social media, Peyton Donnel believes they were just being strategic so they would not cause a panic.

“I think that they really had to figure out what was going on rather than make these rushed announcements that could have been nothing,” Donnel said.

Donnel says she called the number and reached a voicemail for the texting service “WhatsApp,” which would allow a user some degree of anonymity, though it is not clear how anonymous they can remain.

This is a developing story and more information will be posted as we learn more.

Featured image by Aaron J. Derton.

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