Tales from the O.S.O.T.T. Review

By Brandon Gutierrez
Rap Journalist

Artist: CapCityJackk
Album: Tales from the O.S.O.T.T.
Release Date: February 2018
Website: https://soundcloud.com/capcityjackk

The Austin based rapper CapCityJackk recently released his first full project, Tales from the O.S.O.T.T.. It’s a journey nonetheless for an artist to put together a series of songs that represent a comprehensive piece of work. I’ve had the privilege to meet CapCity before the creation of this project and (like most local rap I artist I’ve met) he didn’t seem concerned with creating an album, just strictly releasing singles. It’s the typical rap self promotion approach. You make a song, release it and promote that song until the next one you release. As far as local support, most listeners will give the single a listen then proceed to follow the artist if they enjoyed the record. As time passes the artist’s following increases and they become better at their craft. That is what I saw through CapCity.

The 12 track album is filled with witty lyrics, high ad-libs and southern melodic chorus’. “Nothin’ from Me” is the most conscious song from the album, it’s about never giving up and not letting anyone take from you. The crescendo in his voice as he rides the chorus into his verse reminds me of Z-Ro’s “Can’t Leave Drank Alone,” a rap melody Texas is known for. His single “Look at My Life” couldn’t have been left off his debut project. The easy flow of the chorus causes me to nod my head like any catchy record I hear for the first time. Through this whole album CapCity was able to construct chorus’ easily and they are the bones of each track.

The first time I met CapCity was at a home studio for a verse on a Pop song with Australian singer Charlly. The relaxed rapper came up with the verse quicker than I’ve personally seen anyone piece together lyrics and melodies before. He is a creator and a fast one at that. I have no doubt he’ll come out with more singles and projects in the foreseeable future. Hopefully he receives more exposure from Austin Hip-Hop listeners and local venues recognize his Central Texas authenticity.

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