Celebrating the Women of KTSW

By Courtney Castillo
Social Media Adminstrator

March 8 is International Women’s Day, and in addition to an all-woman all-day broadcast, KTSW is honoring the occasion by presenting the complete gallery of some of our stand-out ladies. No doubt about it, our station wouldn’t be the same without these awesome women. You can’t read, watch, or listen to practically anything that comes from KTSW without a powerful lady having played a part, from our general staff all the way up to our executive committee.

That includes this gallery, shot by one of our star photographers, Lucero Trevino. While this doesn’t include every woman on staff, we hope we’ve shown enough of them for you to get the idea of how awesome all of them are. You may have caught these going up on our social media over the past few weeks, but now we have them all in one place. These ladies are so gorgeous and powerful, you might want to put on sunglasses before checking them out. Click through to learn more about what makes our ladies as incredible as they are.

Featured image by Lucero Trevino.

One thought on “Celebrating the Women of KTSW

  1. It’s a wonderful time to feature these strong millennial women. They are our future and their legacy will endure for generations. It is marvelous to witness their strength and integrity in a crazy world. May Heavenly Father’s blessings be poured out upon them and their loyalty and commitment keep them powerful.

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