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Remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg

By Tiger ShiNews Director On Sept. 18, 2020, the United States Supreme Court lost an icon. This icon was an inspiration for American women of both sides of the political spectrum. Nominated by President Bill Clinton in 1993, she was the second woman to serve on the highest court of the federal court system after Sandra Day O’Connor. Her name was Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Personally, I wasn’t that attentive to […]

todayOctober 3, 2020 7

A sign with “the future is female” written on it with roses attached.

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The Problem with Popular Feminism

By Brandi MitchellWeb Content Contributor We are approaching 57 years since Betty Friedan wrote “The Feminine Mystique”, an essay identifying the pervasive underlying dissatisfaction of women who were told by society that their worth was primarily found in their homes, their marriages and their families. When Friedan wrote her essay, she was addressing a tragic phenomenon of women actually believing that they had less to offer the world than a […]

todayNovember 22, 2019 59


How to Celebrate International Women’s Day

By Hannah Holder Blog Content Contributor International Women’s Day is a very misunderstood holiday. The intention of this day is to celebrate women, to appreciate them and give them power in which we continue to lack from many societies, internationally. The theme for International Women’s Day this year (March eighth) is wearing the color purple and promoting #PressforProgress. The hashtag #PressforProgress can be found on Twitter; this hashtag was created […]

todayMarch 8, 2018 221


Ten Totally Awesome Women of Instagram

By Claire Hansen Blog Content Contributor As another International Women’s Day nears, Instagram is as hot as ever with everyone and their mother’s bikini shots “on fleek." With likes dictating worth, it’s easy to lose track of what’s really important about women. So, in recognition of this day, I would like to shine a light on 10 badass women of Instagram who I think are absolutely killing it with their […]

todayMarch 8, 2018 32


Celebrating the Women of KTSW

By Courtney Castillo Social Media Adminstrator March 8 is International Women's Day, and in addition to an all-woman all-day broadcast, KTSW is honoring the occasion by presenting the complete gallery of some of our stand-out ladies. No doubt about it, our station wouldn't be the same without these awesome women. You can't read, watch, or listen to practically anything that comes from KTSW without a powerful lady having played a […]

todayMarch 8, 2018 351


International Women’s Day is Here!

By Joe Grist Blog Content Contributor International Women’s Day is coming up and all of us here at KTSW are celebrating! On Thursday, March 8 we will be hosting a live 24-hour broadcast featuring all-female DJs and radio hosts performing talks and interviews through programs like Other Side Drive. Our social media and multimedia departments will have a ton of special content coming out celebrating our female staff members and […]

todayMarch 5, 2018 39

Philosophy Mixed

Philosophy Mixed: Women in Prisons

By Kimberly Clay Other Side Drive Executive Producer The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world, with 2.3 million people in American prisons, and in the past few decades there has been an unsettling increase of women in prison. In this podcast, we cover the topic of injustices faced by women in the prison, the role of motherhood when families are separated by the justice system, and […]

todayMarch 1, 2018 192

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In the Land of Women

By DeMornay Harper Blog Content Contributor Women are amazing. We come from women. We lean on women. We trust in women. We surround ourselves with their grace and divine energy. We crave it, intuitively. Despite having this innate knowledge, we still search for wholeness in the opposite sex. In our defense this mentality is all around us. Society always asks if we are finally “seeing someone” implying that we have […]

todayOctober 24, 2017 22

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Is a Sex Strike Against Men Possible?

By Jenise Jackson Blog Content Contributor Ladies, let's refrain from having sex with men until they learn to fight for our rights. Sounds kind of extreme, right? Well singer/actress Janelle Monáe seems to believe it can work. But is it really that easy to give up sex? I mean we do live in a society that promotes hypersexuality, plus for some people it is just really enjoyable. So do I […]

todayApril 19, 2017 45

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