Ten Totally Awesome Women of Instagram

By Claire Hansen
Blog Content Contributor

As another International Women’s Day nears, Instagram is as hot as ever with everyone and their mother’s bikini shots “on fleek.” With likes dictating worth, it’s easy to lose track of what’s really important about women. So, in recognition of this day, I would like to shine a light on 10 badass women of Instagram who I think are absolutely killing it with their talent (and I don’t mean airbrush skills).

  • null@shantell_martin

Shantell Martin’s artwork is described as “a vehicle to forge new connections between education, design, philosophy and technology — the glue in an increasingly interdisciplinary world.” She creates pieces on everything from elevators to cars and her work can be found in many museums across the country. By breaking traditional art world norms, she is setting the tone for what art could mean in the future.

  • @meowmeix

Amanda Meixner is a blogger who focuses on providing food facts, recipes and health tips. Her Instagram account contains so much helpful information presented in a way that’s very easy to digest (ha!). She’s not vegetarian or vegan, so her page includes advice for all types of eaters!

  • @maalavidaa


This digital artist dreams up the most beautiful color schemes and mystifying designs I’ve ever had the pleasure of gazing at. Alycia Rainaud is a master degree graphic design student based in France with a passion for technology. You can purchase her designs in the form of tapestries, laptop sleeves, comforters and more on Society6!

  • @roxx___

Roxx brings the art of the tattoo into a new realm with her futuristic, innovative designs. Using only the color black, she transforms the human body into a true work of art, leaving each of her clients with one-of-a-kind, custom skin. I wonder how long her waitlist is…

  • @eugenia_loli

Collage artist, filmmaker and illustrator Eugenia Loli puts a trippy twist on vintage-style art. She tries to portray something bigger going on in each of her pieces than what’s merely depicted, but leaves it up to the viewer’s imagination to fill in the blanks of the story.

  • @codergirl_null

Laura Medalia is living, breathing proof that women can own it in the technology world. Her Instagram is full of tips, tricks and jokes related to coding and her career. Her success as a software engineer in New York City makes her an inspiring role model for the gender equality push in the STEM world.

  • @messsmerizing

Grace Good takes hula hooping to the next level, simply put. Not only can she swing a hula hoop on each of her four limbs at the same time, but she also lights them on fire occasionally. The name says it all — this circus artist’s talents are truly “mesmerizing.”

  • @trashisfortossers

Stepping away from talents and creations for a second, we have Lauren Singer, a completely waste-free individual currently residing in New York. In an effort to promote sustainability, she sets a great example for the rest of the world through her Instagram account by sharing her personal tactics for achieving a zero-waste lifestyle and promoting the products of her package-free shop.

  • @signepierce

nullMultimedia artist and performer Signe Pierce captures elements of femininity and distortion in her work. Through photography, video and more, she shows her creative eye for incredible combinations of color and placement, calling them her “faux realities”.

  • @sierra_prescott

Lastly, but certainly not least, Sierra Prescott is one of the raddest chicks on social media today with her top-notch skateboarding skills. You can find her throwing kickflips in in cool destinations and catching air all over Los Angeles. It’s safe to say she’s badder than all of us.

Just like the amazing females who came before us, these lovely ladies are keeping it real this year and reminding us of all the different ways women are awesome. Use this day and these inspirations to find your inner worth!

Featured image by Claire Hansen.

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