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By Hannah Holder
Blog Content Contributor

I can guarantee that no one is as much as a Friends fanatic as me. But if you happen to be, props to you for having good taste. Friends is that classic sitcom I will never stop rewatching. Friends is just that go-to show when you need an immediate laugh, a heart-warming moment, or even a good cry. In dedication to my love for Friends, I’ll narrow it down (for time’s sake) to the top four reasons why not only I, but many others, love Friends so much.

Reason One – The Iconic Theme Song and Logo

Whenever you hear that intro beat with the lyrics “So no one told you life was gonna be this way” and the hand claps 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 that follow, you immediately know what show is coming on — and you become excited. No matter how many times you hear the theme song, you know you have to sing along. And thankfully, Friends always switched up their clips of the cast so you never rewatch the same intro multiple times. As for the logo, the Friends logo in black font with red, blue and yellow dots in between every letter — iconic. Seriously. Many companies have used the design of the Friends logo to represent their own brand, and that’s because everyone knows what Friends is. Friends is just that show.

Reason Two – The Many Love Stories

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Okay, before I even get started, Ross and Rachel forever, even if they weren’t on a break (sorry Ross). Ross and Rachel have had the most roller coaster relationship, but Ross has been crazy about her since he first met her back when they were teenagers. *cues in the long “Awwwww”* Rachel has always loved Ross no matter what he put her through: his obsessiveness, his insecurities when it came to Mark (and Pablo before Ross and Rachel got together) and even when he would hooked up with another woman because “they were on a break”… even though we know they really weren’t. Thankfully, Rachel got off the plane to Paris and stayed in New York to be with Ross.

Let’s not forget about Chandler and Monica. The two best friends that unexpectedly ended up together, and for the better. These two were crazy about each other and never once stopped showing it, no matter what happened. Although Joey never ended up in a serious relationship, he did have some sweet, romantic moments. His many loves that just never worked out, and, of course, his sweet crush on Rachel. Phoebe had quite a few loves herself, but when she met Mike, she knew he was the one. Even if Mike’s parents didn’t necessarily approve of Phoebe or that Phoebe was definitely too wild for Mike, that did not break them apart. For example, when Phoebe legally changed her name to Princess Consuela Banana Hammock instead of just changing her last name to Hannigan since her and Mike were now married. Joey may have never found “the one” (though he considers meatball sandwiches the love of his life), the rest of the members have found sweet love with their own unique stories.

Reason Three – The Different but Relatable Characters

Ross may be kinda hard to relate to because he’s just…Ross. However, you have to agree that his compassion for others and continuous strive for love is sweet. Ross showed his compassionate side several times throughout the show, but my favorite moment was when young Ross immediately got dressed up to take young Rachel to the prom after her current high school boyfriend ditched her. Even though Rachel’s high school boyfriend came swooping in just seconds before Ross was about to take Rachel to the prom, Rachel never knew until years later after they watched it on one of Monica’s old videotapes that Ross and Monica’s parents recorded. As for Rachel, her fashion sense is definitely worth noting. Not going to lie, my Pinterest is inspired by 90’s Rachel Green fashion.

Monica is completely relatable to me for our extreme cleaning and organizing habits. It’s a blessing and a curse. Chandler is quite a sarcastic fellow, and pretty awkward in certain situations – unfortunately, that is so me. Phoebe is definitely the black sheep in the group. She’s so carelessly goofy and is pretty blunt at times. Phoebe has that diverse character to her that we are all inspired by. And lastly, who doesn’t relate to Joey’s love, or passion, if you will, for food?

Reason Four – The Real Life of Events that Take Place Throughout the Show

To start off, Ross had such a hard time finding love. He faced three divorces, which may not be too common today, but his struggle to find love was very real. Rachel throws everything away to begin a new life — a new life she wants to create on her own without the help of her parents money or her almost-husbands money (Barry). Phoebe comes from a background of hurt, but she is still a very positive person. She grows up without a dad, faces the death of her mother after her mother commits suicide, as well as grows up without a relationship with her sister. Not everyone has a perfect family or even a family to begin with, and that’s okay. Everyone’s story is different. Joey catches his dad having an affair and his mom not wanting to face the truth of it.

Monica and Chandler struggle to conceive after getting married. There is an issue that can’t be fixed on both ends so they decide to go for adoption. Though, it is not that easy. They struggle trying to receive a baby for so long until a sticky situation turns in their favor. Rachel becomes pregnant after a one-night stand. Phoebe loses her job, struggles with money (could not afford much for Monica’s celebration dinner and Ross’s birthday) but continues on and finds a new job. Joey misses out on several chances to “make it big” as an actor because he didn’t quite land a part. Every character faces different mistrials and setbacks throughout the show, which is why everyone can relate to Friends.

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