Five Songs to Add to Your Driving Playlist

By Neil Manning
Music Journalist

“All Alright”- Zac Brown Band
This song, released in 2013 is a great song to cruise around to at any hour. While not featured on a full length album, it was a part of “The Grohl Sessions, Vol. 1,” where Dave Grohl produced four songs with the country band. While Zac Brown Band is a country band in name, this song features a fairly heavy guitar while keeping a fiddle to make it sound a little more southern rock/country. I recommend this song, even if you aren’t a country fan, as it has great music and lyrics altogether which can accompany anyone
going for a drive around central Texas.

“Hypocrite”- Cage The Elephant
From the alternative rock band’s third album, “Hypocrite” is perfect for a late afternoon drive down a highway with the windows all the way down. Consisting of a steady rolling drum throughout the song it will add to the driving experience. Overall the songs has a bit of Beatles-esque quality to it, including an allusion to “Strawberry Fields Forever.” This is a lesser known song from the band, but will definitely fit in and find a nice spot within a driving playlist.

“Panther like a Panther(Miracle Mix Edit)”- Run The Jewels
Off of their 3rd album, this song is sure to pump you up and keep you going on your drive. The words flow smoothly with a beat that is infectious, and the hook will stay stuck in your head. This song is perfect for driving in the evening, but be careful your windows don’t break from the intensity of the bass. This song is not clean in the slightest, so be wary of who you play it in front of, but it will surely boost your playlist and be a jam you’ll want to have on repeat.

“The Boys Are Back In Town”- Thin Lizzy
One of Thin Lizzy’s more mainstream songs, “The Boys Are Back In Town” is my second all time favorite song to drive too. It has an amazing dual guitar solo along with great music throughout the whole song. This song is perfect for driving anytime but especially at night. This is one song I absolutely believe should be in every driving playlist. This is some of the finest classic rock that will deliver a nice hard sound in your playlist.

“Reelin’ In The Years”- Steely Dan
This is the  all time greatest driving song that needs to be in your playlist. This song is the quintessential song to drive to. It has a smooth lead guitar that goes into an amazing guitar solo, a piano that perfectly grooves in the track, and a vocalist singing lyrics that just add to the atmosphere of a drive. This song gives a sense of nostalgia even on the first listen. The smoothness and coolness of the song will carry over into your driving and just help put everything at ease.

Featured image by Neil Manning.

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