Support Local Rappers

By Brandon Gutierrez
Rap Journalist

The world is filled with talented individuals, but when it comes to music, it’s sometimes difficult to narrow down or understand the growth of an artist until their break out song. Once that hit record finally gets recognition, a newfound respect for that artist is established. Every artist dreams of getting a hit and every song is made with the intent of creating something that’s going to have a lasting impression. As for the respect part, why do so many listeners stick to the hype an artist brings? Often times listeners don’t give an artist a chance until they have heard a hit song from them. This idea of lazy music discovering and supporting deserves awareness. There are thousands of talented artists who have catalogs of good music that aren’t getting much attention. I encourage people to dig deeper into an artist’s catalog and create their own opinions, especially for local artist. Most rappers rely on their local presence before going elsewhere.

Austin’s local rap scene isn’t as jumping as other Texas cities but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking talent. Some artist I’ve come to discover in Austin are $terlz, Kade Fresco, Plum Nova and Cyph Mike. Each have different sounds but are all connected. Cyph Mike and Kade Fresco have had their share of success, going on tour with Texas legend Kirko Bangz. Cyph has a single called “Envy” with a angry chorus that could get any live audience jumping.

Kade recently released a song with Quality Control artist, Lil Baby called “On My Own”. On the single you can hear Kade using his vocal range to hit the chorus in different spots, especially when he sings the lyric, “I’m not tryna call you”. Kade doesn’t just make music, he also produces music videos and has a business called Fresco Filmz. He has created videos for numerous local artist and can be labeled as the go to person for rap music videos.

$terlz is relatively new to the music making scene but has been around both of these artist, understanding the business of the industry. One of my favorite songs by him is “WASTE OF MY TIME”. He comes in tough on the first lyric, “pull up like this, gold chain like piss”, over the symphs delicately playing in the back of the beat. $terlz has been becoming better with every song and has emphasized to me that he doesn’t plan on releasing any mediocre tracks. Plum Nova is the youngest from the artist I mentioned but definitely isn’t short of a creative. Nova has melody and from what I’ve heard, he kind of sounds like Yung Bans.

Remember to give artist chances and make up your own opinions or research them before someone else does. As for what these artist have been up to lately, $terlz and Plum Nova released a new video/song called “Watch Me” and it is made by Fresco Filmz.

Featured image by Brandon Gutierrez.

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