MURS: A Strange Journey Into the Unimaginable Review

By Alex McMann
Rap Music Journalist

Artist: MURS
Album: A Strange Journey Into the Unimaginable
Label: Strange Music
Date Released: March 16, 2018

MURS released his first album “F’REAL” in 1999, but is best known for his collaboration with 9th Wonder on “Murs 3:16”. This artists’ portfolio is stacked with over 16 albums under numerous labels including Warner Bros., Rhymesayers, and Strange Music. When LA Weekly asked about his signing with Strange Music in 2014 MURS said that “With Strange, I know I’m not going to be shelved, I know they see my talent.”.

This new switch seems to be working out well, and this album is definitely one for the books. “Unimaginable” shows MURS’ tendency to overshare, in a matter of fact tone, as he talks through the death of one child and his custody battle for another. Throughout this song he also shares his questions with faith and his observations on the current rap industry. MURS states “I got so many questions when I finally meet God “”Like why you make it so hard? Why you even let me try?”” We have all had these questions play through our mind when reflecting on our own lives, but we usually let them pass away. MURS laying out his wounds in such a conversational piece allows those questions to resonate with each listener.

MURS goes through a range of emotions in this album as seen in the contrast between “Unimaginable” and “Vows”. On “Unimaginable” MURS lays out the pain from losing his kids. He then uses “Vows” to see light in that darkness by stating “And yeah it hit us hard when we lost our first child/ Devastating, but it only brought us closer/ We stuck together like a team is supposed to.” He also talks about wishing for another child with the smile and heart of his wife. This life can throw you for a loop, but the laughter tends to outweigh the tears.

MURS choice to use Michael Summers, the in-house producer for Strange Music, is hopefully a sign for his desire to stay on the label. This choice gives the listener a new sound of the traditional MURS, while keeping his matter of fact tone. “A Strange Journey Into the Unimaginable” will definitely be an album that I’ll have on repeat for the next couple days.

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