Video Game Addiction

WHO said, “Video Game Addiction?”

By Rikki Yanez
Assistant Blog Content Contributor

When most people think of addiction they think of an addictions to drugs, alcohol or perhaps gambling. However, many don’t think about the addiction of playing video games. Yeah some can say it’s a hobby, but those that have played video games know how the games itself can influence your emotions and just how time consuming they can be. I’m not saying everyone that plays video games for hours automatically has a problem. However, just recently video game addiction has become recognized as a mental health condition according to the World Health Organization (WHO) in its International Classification of Diseases. Since the news came out many people have opinions on whether or not it’s something that should be considered as a disorder.

Some countries have identified gaming addiction as a public health issue, but in the United States it has not officially been added to the Diagnostics and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Many experts are opposed to this condition because there isn’t enough research, as well as there being an inconsistent definition for gaming disorder. According to WHO, in order to have a video game addiction you have to have abnormal gaming behavior that lasts at least 12 months, however the time frame can be shortened if symptoms are severe. According to WHO some of the symptoms include, “impaired control control over gaming, increase priority given to gaming over other activities and continuation or escalation of gaming despite negative consequences.” In addition, only three percent of people get affected by this disorder according to The Washington Post.

An Xbox Console and controller
Despite opinions about video game addiction, it’s important that you don’t let video games be your main priority before yourself. Photo by Rikki Yanez.

However, some may think that video games aren’t as bad as people say they are and could actually be beneficial. For instance, video games can help improve one’s hand-eye coordination and analytical thinking skills, which is true. This topic makes me question both sides of the spectrum whether popular worldwide games like Fortnite can influence one’s behavior when playing to the point an addiction is caused or if the issue is caused by one’s self-control. Games such as Fortnite can be thrilling to play especially since a player is being able to play freely with almost anyone at anytime. Let us know what your thoughts on the topic of video game addiction?

Featured image by Rikki Yanez.

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