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Inside Jokes by Ooey Gooey’s

By Clayton Chaney
Local Music Director

Artist: Ooey Gooey
EP Title: Inside Jokes

After another long hot summer here in central Texas, it is finally time to cool down and chill out. There’s no better way than to do so with the release of the Ooey Gooey’s highly anticipated debut self-released EP, Inside Jokes. Over the past 10 months the band has built a following around the San Marcos / Austin area and are beginning to be recognized for the work they’ve put in. You can hear the hard work that is reflected in the EP– sonically it is exceptionally pleasing to the ear. Every track is beautifully engineered so that it sounds incredibly smooth and satisfying.

The EP is loaded with five solid tracks; each one is sure to spark the adventurous chords inside that make you want to relax, groove, and jam out with your best friends. The beautiful thing about Inside Jokes, is that not only does it create a perfect moment, but while doing so it keeps you there for the entire length of the EP. It’s nice to feel comfortable and conten,t but it can be easy to get too comfy and lose the excitement of how you got there in the first place. Needless to say, each track gets you to that comfortable place but keeps you on your toes by never letting that excitement slip away with the subtle changes in tempo and rhythm.

There are many levels to this EP that make it so appealing and entertaining. The band has incorporated a number of different styles of music from jazz, funk, rock, and folk to create their own sound. In the modern world of music it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd but I believe it’s safe to say the Ooey Gooey’s have done just that by establishing their own unique and original one-of-a-kind sound. The band talks briefly about what it has been like to work on this project in a mini interview:

Video by Hunter Lewin.

You can listen to Inside Jokes on all major streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. Also keep up with the band on their social media platforms @ooeygooeys to stay up to date with shows and more music!




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