The volunteers are posing next to a pile of trash on a trailer.

San Marcos Hotspot Street Sweep

By Juan Garcia
Junior News Reporter

San Marcos is committing to keeping the rivers clean. Volunteers met on Saturday for the first-ever quarterly Hotspot Street Sweep in the Blanco Gardens neighborhood of San Marcos. Every three months, a team of volunteers goes to a neighborhood in San Marcos to clean trash off the street before it drains into the rivers.

Sara Lee Underwood-Myers, the president of the Council of Neighborhood Associations, said they want to stop the trash at the source before allowing it to flow into the rivers. Amy Kirwin, coordinator of the Keep San Marcos Beautiful initiative, said the goal is to not only keep the rivers clean, but to also raise awareness of the trash.

“The neighbors will see there was an effort that came through to help us with the neighborhood, and they’ll take some time to pick up a piece of litter,” Kirwin said.

Around 60 volunteers showed up at Blanco Gardens on Saturday. Underwood-Meyers and Ruah Gleason, members of the Council of Neighborhood Association, hope they can build on the strong start.

The next Street Sweep is scheduled for May and will take place in the Dunbar neighborhood.

Featured image by Juan Garcia. 

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