water and palm tree on album cover "Shivers" by MindMassage

MindMassage: Shivers Album Review

By Clayton Chaney
Local Music Journalist

MindMassage is an innovative new group based out of the U.K. They experiment with guided meditations within their music by using calm rhythms and easy going harmonies to create a relaxing atmosphere. The mindful meditation monologues allow you to connect and unwind. It feels like the perfect balance between noise and silence—never too loud but never too quiet.

The single “Shivers” is the second track on the album, which features a simple beat with simple soothing chords. The meditation in this one puts a halt on any thoughts moving too fast. It’s hard not to get caught up in all the outside noise but these simple meditations can help bring you back down to Earth.

The other standout track to me is “Reality,” which starts out with a simple saxophone intro and a relatable meditation that gets morphed into a reassuring radiant beat with quick verse. The hip-hop influence gives it the extra “humf,” making it feel full, but never overflowing with too much energy as the sax and “voiceless harmonies” are mixed back in throughout with the guided meditation.

If you’ve had a stressful day, throw this on and take just a little bit of time to sit, listen, and relax. The hypnotic meditations and vocals create a dreamy atmosphere where you can take the time to breathe. A diverse range of genres from soul, rock, hip-hop, and the thoughtful poetic lyrics make this album a one-of-a-kind. With just eight songs, MindMassage was able to fill the album with something for everyone to connect with through their unique variety of sounds.

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