Members of the band GOOD. during playing instruments and singing.

An Interview with GOOD.

By Cheyenne Young
Music Journalist

When I say I haven’t stopped talking about this band for months on end, I mean it. I think I talk about GOOD. more often than GOOD. talks about GOOD. Over the weekend, I had the privilege of sitting down with the Austin-based band at The Cigar Vault leading up to their performance. The band is made up of four multi-talented musicians: Luke Nienow, Luis Parra, Jesse Hernandez and Vincent Milazzo. We discussed the history of the band, the creative process behind their music as well as what’s to come.

If you want to read more about GOOD., check out our review of their EP This Is for You. Keep an eye on their bandcamp as we anticipate the release of their upcoming song “Bill Murray.” While you’re at it, go watch the music video for their song “Great!”

Vincent Milazzo of GOOD. playing drums. Image by Cheyenne Young.

Hey, that was a pretty GOOD. interview, if I do say so myself.

Featured image by Cheyenne Young.

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