The album cover is a Desert Sky to match the album's opening track

Sarah Burton: Give Me What I Want Album Review

By Gio Gilmore
Music Journalist

Album: Give Me What I Want
Artist: Sarah Burton
Release Date: March 1, 2019

Give Me What I Want is the fifth album from Texas resident Sarah Burton that illustrates her adventures and feelings around what she has gone through recently. I don’t usually listen to country, but I did as I grew up. Nonetheless, I gave Sarah Burton’s newest album a chance and was taken aback when I heard Burton’s soothing voice and amazing guitar work. With the help of her band, Burton’s career is growing and music is spreading around the states.

As of March 1, Burton released her fifth album, Give Me What I Want. Currently, I don’t listen to much country music besides the few songs I listened to when I was younger, as much of today’s country music is not my taste. When I listened to Burton’s album for the first time, I was amazed by the passion and emotions she put into each track that was able to be felt throughout the album. Burton describes her sound as a “nostalgia feel to wild west music with a 21st century touch to it.” While I was going through the album, I understand why she said that; however, I also feel like certain songs had a bit of other genres, like alternative early 2000s slow-pop feel.

The song “Desert Sky” creates a great opening to her album. Burton’s decision to open the record with the song that corresponds with the album art puts the listener in the environment in which Burton created most of her music for the album. Recently, Burton moved down to West Texas, which helped her create her newest album with the beautiful desert skies to accompany her. Another highlight song of the passionate album was “Love is in the Air.” The track does have a country twang throughout it, but it also has a strong rock sound. The song describes how she views romance and how past exes have hurt her heart. The song made me remember my past relationships where things didn’t end well.

Hopefully Sarah Burton makes her way back to South Texas in time for SXSW this year since it is one of Texas’ biggest music festivals. If so, more people will have the opportunity to hear her pour her soul into her live music. Burton is currently performing in a few shows to support the release of her new album before she goes on tour around Texas and through a couple of western states, like California and Nevada. To keep up with her music and her shows, follow her on YouTube and Instagram.

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