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By Caitlin Dunn
Music Journalist

YouTube recommended me the song “Harvard” from LAUNDRY DAY. I had never heard about them, but recently my recommendations have been amazing, so I gave them a listen and fell in love with the synth-pop flow. LAUNDRY DAY started in the summer of 2017. They are five high schoolers from New York, and they just came out with their new album HOMESICK on March 22. The pop group consists of Jude (vocalist), Etai (drummer), Sawyer (vocalist/guitarist/pianist), HP (bassist), and HW (guitarist). This past weekend I had the chance to do a phone interview with Jude and HW from the band. Here’s what I learned.

LAUNDRY DAY’s backstory is a little different from other bands. For one, they didn’t plan on forming a group.

“There was a moment where [we all decided], ‘oh we all like music and we all play these instruments so let’s make a band,” said Jude.

HW said the formation happened “naturally, [they] weren’t trying to stimulate anything specific.”

They first met each other freshman year of high school and are currently juniors. In another interview with NXTWAVE Music, they discussed how the band name came along. They have a mutual friend who dresses like all his clothes are in the laundry, which led them to say, “What day is it? Laundry Day,” every time they saw him. When it came time to pick a name they chose between LAUNDRY DAY or Grape Season.

Once they formed LAUNDRY DAY they spent the next couple months developing their pop alternative sound and created their first album, Trumpet Boy which was released in March 2018. In this album, you can hear the dedication they have to their craft. No more than a month after the release of Trumpet Boy, fans got the EP, Light Up Shores, which showcased a different side of the band. Not only did they serve a pop sound, but they gave a glimpse into just how diverse their music can be. 2018 was a very busy year for the band; in June they dropped another album, Keep It Bright. With so much music out, their fan base grew and they started to perform live.

With LAUNDRY DAY being a newly formed band in 2018, they had to promote themselves. Recently, when promoting their own music, bands have been filming all the hard work they put into the music to show fans their dedication. Some make short documentaries to display this commitment, and LAUNDRY DAY is one of them. LAUNDRY DAY’s documentary shows five teenagers jamming out and shredding on the guitar. Jude said their songwriting process is a mixture of different things, but they “most often [are] writing as [they] record.” When I asked who inspires them, HW said they “have tons of inspirations, BROCKHAMPTON is definitely one of them, one of our top inspirations…you know there are definitely things we are thinking about. Different artists, different songs, different parts of songs, that we are always thinking about.” Through their documentary, you can see just how inspired they are by BROCKHAMPTON, as they play “HOTTIE” (a song off of BROCKHAMPTON’s fourth album) when they finished their first album Trumpet Boy.

A man whose torso is cut out and replaced with rainbow ombre holding a woman against a galaxy background.
The album cover for Homesick by LAUNDRY DAY.

LAUNDRY DAY rang in the new year with the release of two exciting singles, “CHA” on January 31 and “Harvard” on February 21. These singles are showcased on their new album HOMESICK, which came out the day before the anniversary of their first album Trumpet Boy. With their three albums out now, LAUNDRY DAY is doing a small tour through North America and the UK. During this tour, they are stopping in Austin, TX at Stubb’s BBQ Indoors on April 14 at 7 pm.

“On this tour, we are going to Los Angeles and we have a huge number of supporters there and just the vibes out there are really great. And we always love going there. So that’s going to be a very fun show,” HW said.

With their growing fan base, more tours and tour stops are definitely coming. HW said, “In the future, I really want to go to Toronto, because we have some cool fans out there, and I think that the show would be really really cool.”

“I’m excited for Texas – shout out! I think a big goal for us is Governors Ball in New York City. It’s a festival that happens every summer,” said Jude. “It was the first festival we all went to together. So playing there at some point in life would be insane.”

With the drop of HOMESICK and their increased streams to two million on all platforms, LAUNDRY DAY is gathering new fans all over. As I was talking to them, I was able to ask what song new fans should be listening to.

“I want everyone to listen to this new album if they can, but I would say ‘Red Roses’ from the new album sticks out,” said Jude. “It’s one of our favorites. Just any song from the new album, to be honest, we love every one of them.”

HW’s recommendations were “Red Roses” or “I Feel Good.”

With the release of two full-length albums and an EP in a single year, they’ve grown so much as a band and as musicians. Since LAUNDRY DAY only formed roughly two years ago, the music and sound have “evolved in a lot of ways,” according to Jude.

“One thing is that it has become a lot more mature,” Jude said. “Obviously, we are not really mature guys, but we are taking ourselves more seriously and talk about more serious topics. We’ve come to terms with a lot of things, just as we are growing up, to be honest,” said Jude.

As LAUNDRY DAY is getting more recognition for their music, they are gaining more traction with other artists. One, in particular, is Romil from BROCKHAMPTON. When HOMESICK dropped Romil posted on his Instagram story a screenshot of him downloading the album with a caption stating that he helped produce some parts of the album. If they continue to grow as fast as they are, they will soon be on their way to working with even more artists.

“We definitely want to continue working with Romil and are planning on it,” said Jude. “But I mean there is an endless list of people we would love to meet and work with. I can’t even pick one honestly, there are so many people.”

HW could pick a few.

“Two people that came to my head quickly were Pharrell and Tyler The Creator,” said HW. “Just because those are our two huge musical inspirations. I think that we would make some cool stuff. But yeah, those two, and what Jude said there is an endless list honestly.”

“I think we just want to collaborate more in general,” said Jude.

“I want to work with Taylor Swift,” said HW.

“That would be tight,” said Jude.

LAUNDRY DAY is pushing out new inspiring music for the pop alternative genre. They are five high schoolers from New York making a name for themselves as they climb their way to fame. It is a slow process but they are moving fast, so definitely remember the name LAUNDRY DAY (I do not know why you would forget it, it’s a unique name) and make sure to check them out on their tour in Austin.

My noteworthy tracks off the new album HOMESICK are “Red Roses,” “CHA” and “Harvard.” And if you like The Killers, Pixies, or Arctic Monkeys, you will enjoy LAUNDRY DAY’s music. Additionally, if you like The Smiths, LAUNDRY DAY gives you a modern day twist on them.

Featured image courtesy of LAUNDRY DAY.

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