A storm cloud with the phrase “KTSW Music Staff Mixtape” around the top left with the “April Showers” beneath on sunset gradient background

KTSW Music Staff Picks: April Showers

By Conner Yarbrough
Music Director

Grab your rain boots, umbrellas and Allegra (or Claritin or Mucinex or Zyrtec or any other allergy medicine of your choice) because it’s officially spring here in San Marcos – if you don’t believe me, run your finger along the hood of your car and I’ll bet it’s covered in pollen when you look at it.

Unless, of course, the season’s storms have given you an impromptu car wash – in which case, my bets are off. But, if you do find yourself caught in a downpour, the music staff has created a playlist perfect for a rainy day.

Listen to the KTSW Music Staff Mixtape: April Showers below and check the posters to see who chose your favorites!

A sunset scene with a storm cloud at the top, an electrical pole with wires on the right and a list of the names and songs.
The KTSW Music Staff’s hand-selected songs perfect for any rainy day! Illustration by Conner Yarbrough and Thomas Dunlap.

Featured illustration by Conner Yarbrough and Thomas Dunlap.

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