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Kompromat: Traum und Existenz Review

By Tanner Meadows
Music Journalist

Artist: Kompromat
Album: Traum und Existenz
Release Date: April 5, 2019
Label: Clivage

Deriving their name from a Russian meaning “compromising material,” Kompromat is a French electro-punk duo comprised of producer Vitalic and singer Rebeka Warrior of Sexy Sushi and Mansfield.TYA. Their debut album, Traum und Existenz, is a homage to Berlin’s early techno scene, a city considered by fans to be central to the genre. Noire and bassy, it stays true to its inspiration: the illegal, underground raves following the collapse of the Berlin wall and cementing the city’s place as techno capital of the world.

The first track, “Possession,” is a gothic style, slow build intro, that releases into the second track. The record really picks up at the third song, “Niemand” (nobody), of which there is a very interesting music video that gives you a pretty good idea of what level of weird this group is operating at. Two standout tracks, one right after the other, “Die Tausende Herbste” (the thousand hertz) and “Herztod” (heart death) are more frenetic, violent songs, with a similar sound to Alice Glass. For the less in your-face-tracks, like “De mon âme à ton âme” (from my soul to your soul) and “Le goût des cendres” (the taste of ashes), the band switches back to French, though just as passionate as the songs designed to get your blood pumping.

All in all, Kompromat’s Traum und Existenz is a frantic, dreamy cyberpunk soundscape that shows how far electronic music has come and what it can be.

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