The album is of an airbrushed green demon from the waist up. The background is orange.

The Oh Sees: Face Stabber Album Review

By Anthony Velasquez
Music Journalist

Artist: The Oh Sees
Face Stabber
Release Date: August 16, 2019

The Oh Sees have dropped four full albums this year: Cool Death of Islander Raiders, Thee Hounds of Froggy Notion, Grave Blockers and their latest, Face Stabber. Formed in 1997, the ambiguous rock band (comprised of John Dwyer, Brigid Dawson, Mike Shoun, and Petey Dammit) has evolved in their sound through the years but has stayed true to their roots in rock. They have switched and combined sounds, and have been described as mix punk, psychedelia, progressive rock, krautrock, jazz, cosmic jazz, lofi, afro rock and proggy synth. 

Their latest album, Face Stabber, dropped on August 16 this year. The 14 track album possesses heavy funk, dystopia-punk, jam sessions and psychedelia. Of all the tracks my favorite one is “Scutum & Scorpius.” The intro has similar sounds from the well known Pink Floyd Album: Echos and Animals. “Scutum and Scorpius” begins with an oscillating sound, moments later a low-end synth comes in and automates into an organ arpeggio, next it is accompanied by a choir. Building each single sound is the style of this song. The song slows down and is taken by an alluring baseline allowing the lyrics to be spoken. 

“Whizzing by
What the f***
Lazing here, it ruined the afternoon
Panicked voice
On the CNR
Reaching out as the bug swirls all around
I will follow unarmed
Then I’m lying in the muddy field
Rum pum pum
It’s wonderful
As I gaze at the starry mirror”

The song proceeds as it began. Slowly layering percussion, sexy guitar solos, groovy rhythms to jive to and a memorable jam session. After experiencing this album, I cannot emphasize enough that this is what your ears need. Vintage, experimental and refreshing – all at the same time. After wrapping up their Summer Part 2 Euro tour, The Oh Sees will be back for a North American tour starting on September 30th lasting until November 30th. Luckily for San Martians and Austin natives, The Oh Sees will be stopping in Austin for two days, October 26th and 27th.

Featured image by Brian Bamps

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