Two men sit in a wide seminar room. Lucas Haskins wears a blue polo while sitting in a chair with his legs crossed as he listens to Brant Freeman talk next to him. Brant Freeman speaks to the crowd.

Mass Comm Week: ESPN+ Broadcaster Talks to TXST

By Timia Cobb
Web Content Contributor

Brant Freeman, ESPN+ announcer and broadcaster for the Texas State Athletics Department, spoke at Mass Comm Week about what it takes to do his job televising live sports. Freeman is also the video productions coordinator for the Texas State athletics department. 

As a Texas State Alumni, Freeman shared the experiences he gained when he attended Texas State. He said these opportunities and resources pushed him to be apart of the industry he’s in now.

He had his first experience with sports broadcasting right here at KTSW, “I was extremely fortunate to become the radio voice for the KTSW sports department,” Freeman said. 

He goes on to talk about the many opportunities at Texas State that weren’t here when he attended the university. Students get the chance to work with ESPN+ if on the Texas State’s athletics video production team. The job allows you gain experience, not only in broadcasting, but sports broadcasting. It also allows you to build teamwork skills.

Freeman told students that they should take advantage of these opportunities. “This chance to work with ESPN brand was not available [when I was in school],” Freeman said. “If this is the path you want to follow, this is a tremendous opportunity.” 

Lucas Haskins, overseer for ESPN+ productions of Texas State athletic events, joined Freeman during his talk and explained how to join the broadcast team for Texas State.

“We’re always bringing people on,” Haskins said. “You just have to be either interested in sports or video production.” The applications for the job hasn’t been posted yet, but Haskins said to be looking out for them on Handshake (Jobs4Cats) sometime near the end of the semester.  

Towards the end of the panel, Freeman gave advice on what it takes to work in the TV industry – and what to expect. He explained that deciding to work in the TV industry isn’t just working a single job, especially during a live broadcast. When working live, it’s a team effort.

“If one person messes up, it can mess everyone else up as well,” Freeman said. He told listeners that mistakes are bound to happen, but those mistakes will make you better at your job.

To see some of Freeman’s work in broadcasting, take a look at his correspondent work for Sports 2Nite’s “College Connection.” You can also follow Freeman on his social media @Brant_Freeman on twitter.

Featured image by Timia Cobb.

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