All of the mac n cheese the festival had to offer.

The Austin Mac & Cheese Festival Power Ranking

By Daniel Richter
Web Content Contributor

On Nov. 10, the fourth annual Austin Mac & Cheese Festival took place at Carson Creek Ranch. Over 1,000 mac & cheese lovers came out for a day of music, drinks and as much mac & cheese as one could eat.

There were tons of vendors promoting all sorts of charities, restaurants and brands. But the 20 mac & cheese vendors who were all gunning for the title of Best Mac n Cheese in Austin were the main draw.

I personally eat mac n cheese at least three times a week and consider myself an aficionado. I tried all 20 and after a lot of consideration I made a power ranking from best to worst.

1. Hideaway Kitchen and Bar (The People’s Vote)

2. Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant

3. Baton Creole

Baton Creole’s crawfish mac n cheese.
Baton Creole offered the only crawfish mac n cheese and I heard mixed reviews about it as I walked around. I loved it because it was spice and the pasta they used was exquisite. Image by Daniel Richter.

4. Blacks BBQ

5. Paul Martin’s American Grill

6. Monger’s Market & Kitchen

7. Huckleberry Catering

8. Micklethwait Craft Meats

Micklethwait Craft Meat’s mac n cheese.
The meat really stood out in Micklethwait’s mac n cheese. It was also very cheesy with a tasty crumble. Image by Daniel Richter.

9. The League Kitchen

10. Chi’lantro BBQ

11. Max’s Wine Dive

12. LORO

13. Bacchus and Brown

14. Cover 3

15. Silver Whisk

16. Vamonos

17. Sprouts Farmers Market

18. TLC Seafood

19. Brooklyn Breakfast Shop

20. Sixth & Waller/ East Austin Hotel (The Judges Vote)

This is only my opinion and clearly not everyone agrees. But that is part of the beauty of food. It can bring people together and everyone has their own opinions.

Featured image by Daniel Richter.

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