Banner for Mort Garson’s Mother Earth’s Plantasia

Mort Garson: Mother Earth’s Plantasia Album Review

By Megan Gallagher
Music Journalist

As an avid music admirer, I am curious about the magic of music, as is anyone that surfs blogs for music content! Thus, I wanted to throw appreciative energy out into the cosmos to Mort Garson for his synthesizer-masterpiece, Mother Earth’s Plantasia

Released in 1976, this album was the dark horse in the tides of the wave of synthesized music that prevailed from the ‘60s to the late ‘70s. It’s experimental edge and symphonic majesty stand alone and the magic therein speaks for itself.

In the late ‘60s, Garson was a successful composer for chart hits and daytime television commercials alike. His independent works, which eventually held cult-classic fame, explored deep themes such as occult, meditation and of course Mother Earth. 

The music of Mother Earth’s Plantasia is evocative of intense emotion, such as in the wailing tones and low bass of “Ode to an African Violet”, and simultaneously in the novelty and jovial “You Don’t Have to Walk a Begonia”. 

An orange Begonia
Begonias don’t need to be walked, they just bloom. Image via Creative Commons.

The magic of music is sensed and felt as the songs transition across the spectrum of sentiment. Dramatic, symphonic builds in “Concerto for Philodendron & Pothos” are enveloping as they are heavenly. 

The easy-going nature of Garson himself is reflected in his amusing and funky rhythms, such as “Swingin’ Spathiphyllums” and “Mellow Mood for Maidenhair” (AKA 80’s prom on Mars). Each song whirls with spacey warbles that call to mind the out of this world magic that thankfully may exist naturally under our beautiful planet’s atmosphere. 

Spathiphyllums blooms
I think he nailed the Spathiphyllums on the head. Image via Creative Commons.

Hats off for spiritual expression of man’s relationship with our friendly neighborhood plants! Also, for the impression within the history of the synthesizer, modern era music and beyond, Garson wrote a lasting memoir to each. 

Check out Mother Earth’s Plantasia, remastered on Spotify or Apple music, and connect to the awe of our experience on our planet, as the plants see it.

Featured image courtesy of Mort Garson album promotion.

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