An Astros cap sits at the edge of a picnic table.

The City With No Limits

By Tiger Shi
Web Content Contributor

Texas is an important state in the United States. Politically or economically speaking, Texas is frequently the center of whatever significant happens. Major cities in Texas are booming. From Dallas to Austin or San Antonio to Houston, people are moving to these cities. Specifically, I’d like share the awesome aspects of my hometown: Houston. 

I’m technically from Tomball, a suburban town just outside of Houston. Given the proximity of being close to Houston and my history of visiting attractions in downtown, I still consider myself Houstonian.

Houston is beyond just a “couple of buildings.” It contains much more resources that residents could enjoy or utilize. It is the home of sports teams like the Astros, Rockets and Texans. It has a Museum of Natural Science and Museum of Fine Arts as well as the Space Center. There are even unofficial spots to see like the “I love you” wall at the Heights or the “Be Someone” graffiti bridge over the I-45 highway. 

There are even lesser-known destinations one could visit and enjoy. Ever since I was little, my family would go to Chinatown at Bellaire Boulevard during the weekends to shop and eat. It is touristy enough for me and probably the same for others. Another great place is a park I’ve discovered last year called Luckyland. It is an amusement center specializing in Chinese culture through exhibits. 

A visitor poses with a Shaolin monk statue.
Luckyland is an amazing outdoor museum. Photo by Elizabeth Schmitz.

Not far from Luckyland is a Mexican-American run flea market called Sunny Flea Market. Vendors sell many products from drinks to even World Cup jerseys. If you are that type of person who enjoys a nice shopping spree, the Houston Galleria in downtown is a great place to stop by as well as the Houston Premium Outlets next to Highway 290. Every shopping mall contains a food court, which brings me to unique restaurants around town. 

Personally speaking, I’ve enjoyed Asian cuisine restaurants like the YAO Restaurant, Bamboo House at Humble as well as countless Pho restaurants around town. Other chain stores one might like would be Rudy’s Country Store and of course, Whataburger. Whataburger is more of a statewide hit but in my opinion, we Houstonians put heavy emphasis on eating there. Houston has many food options, which is important for a growing city and being the capital of the oil and natural gas industry in which employees and companies may “refuel” themselves with. 

In recent times, Houston has been through a lot. We were hit with Hurricane Harvey in 2017 and won the World Series that same year while serving as the site of several major local political campaigns. Despite of all this, it will remain as one of the best cities in Texas due to its destinations, both natural and artificial.

In addition to the places of interests I’ve mentioned, there is a unique attraction in downtown Houston: The Spindletop Seafood Restaurant. This place serves southwestern-style seafood and is a fancy place in comparison to, let’s say, Whataburger. It’s literally a spinning restaurant on top of a Hyatt Hotel. I personally have not been there but I do know a friend whose family have. I almost went for a birthday celebration but bailed because it was simply too expensive.

From the halls of the Galleria to the diverse range of food options, you won’t regret visiting my awesome hometown. It will broaden your mind by changing your perspective of it. After you visit, you will see how it’s truly beyond a bunch of buildings: a city with, indeed, no limits. 

Featured image by Tiger Shi.

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