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What it’s Like Always Knowing the Tea

By Emily Garza
Web Content Contributor

Since I told my friends what I want to major in, they found it really suiting for me. They claimed that because I always know the hottest tea, me majoring in mass communications will fit right into my life and my interests. Now that I am literally taking classes for my major, I can see how it fits perfectly into my life.

For about a year or two now, I have been following multiple drama channels on YouTube and Twitter. Keeping up with them helps me be updated with what is going on with online figures.

Whenever I was with my friends, I would always mention some new “tea” from the past week. Whether it be a new makeup pallet or an online figure making a big mistake that can cost them their whole career. They never kept up with things like that, but I did, so it was interesting for them to update them about something new.

However, it can also get a bit lonesome. I am the only one out of my friends that is invested in knowing the latest “tea.” I literally am subscribed to five different drama channels on YouTube to make sure I don’t miss a single detail about a situation. Anyway, I didn’t have anyone to talk about the “tea” that is going on online. I just had this abundance of knowledge over one situation.

For example, when “Dramageddon” happened in August 2018 with Manny MUA, Laura Lee, Gabriel Zamora, Nikita Dragon and Jeffree Star, I was all over the whole situation. No one else knew about the situation, though. I had to explain the whole situation to anyone I wanted to talk to about it, and it got tiring. It was so much better when I was able to talk to people about the whole crazy situation when they knew what was going on. However, I don’t blame them if they didn’t know much about Dramageddon, it was a messy situation.

Four videos explaining what is happening during the big scandal called “Dramageddon”
YouTube videos explaining everything about Dramageddon. Screenshot via YouTube by Emily Garza.

Making sure you updated on all the latest “tea” can get tiring, especially when you’re the main source where people get their “tea” from. I seriously applaud every person who decided that they will make a living off of staying up to date and knowing all the drama that is going on online between online figures. It is hard work that needs to be recognized.

Featured image by Emily Garza.

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