Two fortune cookies on a brown table one in focus and the other behind it in the background.

Change is Inevitable

By Timia Cobb
Web Content Contributor

It was a Saturday evening and I found myself sitting in a mediocre Chinese buffet. My waiter brought me my check and the traditional fortune cookie they give to all their customers.

The previous week had been hard for me, so I was looking forward to whatever cheesy fortune I would get. As I opened the cookie, it somehow flew out of my hands and landed on the floor, a clue that this fortune wasn’t going to be good.

After picking up the cookie and slipping the small piece of paper out of its shell, there it was, my fortune in small bold letters saying, “Change is Inevitable”.

My first thought was, “I have no idea what that means.” Not literally, but figuratively.

I’m at a point in my life where I go to work, go to class, go to staff meetings and spend my weekends alone– probably binging a Korean drama or doing work that I used to love to do.

College students go through ruts where life doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere and we don’t know what we’re doing. I lied when I said my first thought was I didn’t know what the fortune meant. My first thought was that change should happen whenever you needed it.

Change isn’t a bad thing because we all need some change in our lives, but to achieve change depends on a lot of things. The saying is that “Change is inevitable” meaning it’s unavoidable.

Change is always going to happen, but what if you aren’t avoiding it? What if we are seeking out a change to have something new or meaningful in life. Although, I’ve learned that when you go looking for change it’s nowhere to be found.

Some people find change without even looking for it and change makes them into a better person. That feeling of being better, allowing time to pass and change to happen is what some of us need.

Change, without a doubt, is inevitable and it’s harder for some and not for others.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve tried to change things in my life. I got tired of waiting and took fate into my own hands. However, every time I tried, it would never work out.

I would wake up the next day the same way I was the night before. Knowing this now, it makes me think that change is not only inevitable but that change is inevitable when fate has a plan.

Some things in life can’t be planned no matter how hard we work to make them happen. Sometimes we can want something with all our souls, but it can’t happen because it isn’t the right time. Even if we think it is.

Life might be hard and people might be sad, sick, lonely and scared but maybe we need to be.

What would life be if at any moment we could snap our fingers and have the hard times to go away?

We associate change with a state or moment of difference, but it isn’t a moment. Change is the sadness, loneliness or vulnerability we feel. We’re learning to cope, to be OK and that might take longer than we want, but that’s a part of changing.

Change is inevitable because it’s happening when we don’t even know it. It might not be what we want or expect it to be, but it is change. My life was changing when I read a stupid —or so I thought—saying from my fortune cookie, I just didn’t know it.

Featured image by Timia Cobb.

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