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Change for Better or Worse

By Michael Ybarra Music Journalist   One of an artist’s only jobs, that the public knows about anyway, is to crank out fresh hits for their adoring fans. But the pressure to maintain familiarity while attempting to satisfy the urge to experiment with one’s sound has never been higher. Many artists have shown this battle between their past sound and their vision for the future of their music plays a […]

todayFebruary 24, 2023 66

A view from East Hopkins Street, San Marcos, Texas near Kissing Alley of the Square at nighttime facing the Hays County Historic Court House. The courthouse is decorated with white string Christmas lights around the perimeter of the roof with two green LED lights shining on two pillars on each side of the north entrance also decorated with Christmas lights and a holiday wreath. Trees around the courthouse are wrapped with white string lights and the fence surrounding the property is completely lit by string lights.


How Christmas Changes as You Grow Up

By Celeste Parler Web Content Contributor I knew Christmas was approaching when my church was covered in tinsel, wreaths and fancy tablecloths. With a display of the silver Christmas tree and poinsettias surrounding the stage where the worship team stood. The Christmas season is when my mom plays her CD of the Christmas album of her favorite Christian alternative band from the 1990s on the way home from Thanksgiving out […]

todayDecember 7, 2021 49

Yellow background with a black street and street sign with "Adapting to Change" above the street. There is also an outline of a person on the right side of the street.


Adapting to Change

By Melanie Love Salazar Web Content Contributor There is a quote that states, “nothing is constant but change.” I am beginning to realize how true that is, as I experience these first few weeks as a sophomore in college. As a freshman, I hoped COVID-19 would be something of the past by the time I began my second year. Although it did not exactly get better, the ways in which […]

todaySeptember 15, 2021 57 1

Book cover for "Atomic Habits" by James Clear with green grass in the background.


“Atomic Habits:” Book Review

By Lea Mercado Web Content Assistant Manager Have you ever been stuck in a cycle that feels like it’s going nowhere? No progress, temporary motivation, and disappointment. That is the cycle that James Clear aims to break in his best-selling guide, "Atomic Habits."   Common problem/solution phases. The book does more than present a comprehensive plan to change your life; it challenges one to reconsider their identity, mindset, and how they interact with […]

todayJune 16, 2021 3441

Two fortune cookies on a brown table one in focus and the other behind it in the background.


Change is Inevitable

By Timia Cobb Web Content Contributor It was a Saturday evening and I found myself sitting in a mediocre Chinese buffet. My waiter brought me my check and the traditional fortune cookie they give to all their customers. The previous week had been hard for me, so I was looking forward to whatever cheesy fortune I would get. As I opened the cookie, it somehow flew out of my hands […]

todayMarch 21, 2020 21


Be The Change You Want to See

By Jenise Jackson Blog Content Contributor It’s pretty obvious that we are living in a society plagued by injustice and strife. Different, conflicting opinions fill our dialogue and some of us wonder when or if we will ever see the day when there is a “peaceful, common ground” and equality represents everyone. We want change, but at times it feels so out of reach. But does that mean we stop […]

todayMarch 21, 2018 2

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Changing Leaves

By DeMornay Harper Blog Content Contributor Okay, I may be a bit ahead of myself, but this time does feel like a change of seasons. This in-between period where it is still summer but with everyone moving, dealing with all that is financial aid, and teachers already sending out class emails, we can no longer ignore our inevitable fates. School is almost in session. Moving from my first college apartment […]

todayAugust 8, 2017 23

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Dealing With Change

By Austin Cowan Assistant Web Content Manager Life is full of changes and people often freak out when they feel as if life is out of their control. Unfortunately, a majority of instances in life cannot be controlled, but it is very possible for us to enjoy change if we allow ourselves to do so! I have mentioned a few ways to embrace change along with some positive quotes to help […]

todayJune 23, 2017 7

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