Things I’ve Done Out of Pure Boredom

todayJuly 23, 2020 39

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By Gena Sysavath
Web Content Contributor

Boredom comes to me quite often; there are those days that seemingly never end. The days where you realized you have absolutely nothing to do or are just avoiding work that you must do, but do not want to do.

Been there, done that. I just want to give a disclaimer that you definitely do not have to do any of the things I have done to relieve your boredom. Honestly, it might be an awful decision if you do.

My life, in every sense of the word, is boring. I mean, most of the time it is, there are several occasions where I have been involved in a weird and/or sticky situation, but that is not the point in this article. Instead, I am going to list off things I have done while being in a strong state of boredom. 


We got to start off with the basics, and I love napping. All I have to do is literally stay in the bed inside a blanket cave, surrounded by mountains of pillows, and just lay there in warmth and comfort that you spent your time creating. For me, it is absolute bliss.

Allow my younger sister and friends to make me over

Although I will never admit it out loud to my younger (by seven years) sister, she has a much better style than I ever did when I was her age. We do dress a lot more similarly now, but she is bringing in clothing pieces I did not think about and will style them way better. 

So, sometimes I allow my sisters and friends (also with better or different styles) to dress me up, as if I was their little doll. It works out for me because I do not actually have to do any actual work, but I still get entertained by their antics as they try to beautify me. 

Roll out of bed…literally

The title kind of says it all. Sometimes, when I am extremely bored, despite knowing that I will get hurt, I would roll off my bed to see just how much it would hurt. Keep in mind, my bed frame is a good two feet off the ground, so the verdict is usually: Yes, it hurts. A lot.

Take random photos of my dad

No one in my family, but my sister, likes to take photos. However, there are several times where my dad will just stand somewhere with a slight lean or his arms crossed, and I like to take pictures of him and claim that he was posing. I think my dad is like the cutest old man and I support his awkward standing.

We were at a Duck Pond
Cute old man vibes. Image by Gena Sysavath.

Attempt to watch every superhero movie in release order

I had started with X-Men (2000) and then attempted to watch every superhero movie after it. I did not finish, but honestly, it is still a goal of mine to try. It’s just that some superhero movies are awful. I said it, I will never re-watch several movies just because it was either super boring or I hated how a hero was portrayed (*cough* Rogue *cough*). 

I will, however, be attempting to watch (and re-watch) all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, in release order, and it will definitely end with a lot of tears and snot. Again.


By imagination, I mean that I quite literally will imagine myself doing mundane things, like learning how to cook or sew. I will then never actually bother to learn how to do these things. I can sit in my room and imagine myself being the best cook to ever survive, but then when I am in the kitchen? I can barely use a knife. 

I do attempt my imaginations sometimes, but then a very handsome prince would come, and insult me and I will obviously have to defend my practically non-existent honor.

Go ghost-hunting

I do not actually recommend doing this, but my friend offered, and I had nothing to do. It was terrifying, and I made sure I was the third person in line out of the group of four. I was not in the front for the purpose of meeting a murderer, but I was not the one standing in the back, where I can possibly get snatched. I am also fairly quick on my feet and will go “every man for themselves” if the situation calls for it. Now you can call me an awful friend, but I did give my friends a fair warning on my plans. 

On the bright side, if you go right before sunset and there is still light outside, the creepy things you find in the middle of a forest can make for cute photos. 

We when there was light, but left when it was dark and it was creepy
There was graffiti that said “welcome to the unknown.” Photo by Gena Sysavath.

Obviously, there is a lot more that has been done during boredom. I just listed the ones that I can remember or have done often. I do not need to write about how I bought an oversized My Little Pony coloring book just to draw mustaches on them or that I ask a bunch of my friends to hang out but only for the sole reason that I would be able to cuddle with their dogs.

I do love to laze around and be unproductive, so these bored days are just another day for me to think about what I can do next.

Featured image by Gena Sysavath.

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