Karolina Rose: Rosemary Album Review

By Jennifer Ariola
Music Journalist

Artist: Karolina Rose
Release Date:
August 21, 2020

On Aug. 21, pop-singer Karolina Rose released her second EP, Rosemary. The EP includes 4 songs: “Greytopia”, “Runaway Angels”, “Objection” and “White Lies.”

The songs are a dream-like, dark pop that expresses her search for self-acceptance and love. Rose’s EP is, for the most part, upbeat while also sounding somehow mysterious. Rose’s sound is hard to compare to someone else, but both “Objection” and “Runaway Angels” remind me somewhat of Marina and the Diamonds. 

Each song holds a certain amount of power in different ways. “Greytopia” can make one feel like they are arriving in New York City to take a big, life changing risk. Meanwhile, “Objection” is 100% a song for a bad b*itch playlist. “Runaway Angels” and “White Lies” are on the softer side; they both show a more vulnerable side of Rose.

My recommendations are “Objection” and “Runaway Angels,” they are opposites but will give you a full picture of Rose’s music. 

Featured image via Rosemary album cover.

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