Tommy Siegel's album cover.

Tommy Seigel: Another Century Wasted Album Review

By Jennifer Ariola
Music Journalist

As his first-released album, Tommy Siegel introduces us to Another Century Wasted–an indie alternative album that tackles the chaotic Trump era.

Before he released this album, Siegel became well-known by conducting a challenge to create a cartoon every day for 500 days. His political cartoons got the attention of many, including Alexandria Ocasio-Ortez. Since then, he released Another Century Wasted, which in my opinion, is a very powerful and simultaneously entertaining piece of art.

Being an alternative-indie artist, Siegel manages to create each song pleasingly in terms instrumentals. He creates the perfect mix of calm and charming.

The drums, a bass line, a cowbell and some guitar are the instruments included in all of the songs. The music leans towards alternative rock, but is also a beautiful blend of indie-pop. Another Century Wasted reminds me somewhat of The Happy Fits and The Mowgli’s.

The lyrics, however, cover Siegel’s existential panic regarding Donald Trump’s race for presidency. The album and his cartoons go hand in hand; he discusses the oblivion and injustices that exist within the current government and the far-right republican party.

“Terrible News” is making fun of the seemingly lack of care from people about nation-wide issues that the majority population isn’t personally affected by.

“Starting Now” is a perfect example of how Siegel always references the Bible to bring attention to the idea of a society resorting to where it started. He is suggesting that a new era could arise from this chaos we have all been living in.

It’s extremely hard to narrow down my recommendations from the album, but if I had to choose what my ultimate favorites, they are “End Days,” “Another Century Wasted,” “Terrible News,” “Days Counted” and “20th Century.” Each song is musically pleasing and the messages are outspoken.

Featured image retrieved from Tommy Siegel‘s album cover.

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