Photo of the bachelor from the new season of The Bachelor, Matt James, in a formal suit. The text "Bachelor Talk: Drama, Rumors, Opinions" is on top of the photo.

Dates and Drama: My First Bachelor Season

By Paige Greene
Web Content Assistant Manager

Even after 25 seasons of The Bachelor, every new season and episode is filled with new and surprising drama, especially with the current bachelor, Matt James. If you are behind and have not watched the current season, I would stop reading here— Spoilers ahead!

I usually only follow The Bachelor franchise drama through my roommate, but this season I decided to watch the popular show and was shocked by the drama that ensued. 

I will start off by saying that I am a skeptic of “the process.” According to Womens’ Health Magazine, out of 25 seasons of The Bachelor and 16 season of The Bachelorette, only 15 couples have remained together after their time on the show, and for good reason. It seems unlikely for someone to find who they will spend the rest of their life with in only nine weeks. 

It also seems as if some people come on the show strictly for fame. For this season, I would name Victoria Larson one of these people. Just like her job title, “Queen,” she was the conductor of most of the house drama until she left. It was clear she was not bothered by her “villain status” as Life and Style Magazine suggests.

On another hand, I felt Katie Thurston was there for the right reason. Thurston made a bold entrance out of the limo and was all about women empowerment and shutting down drama. She did make the controversial choice of bringing up all of the bullying in the house to James. This brought attention to her and fanned the flames of the “villains.”

It is even rumored that Thurston will be the next Bachelorette by multiple entertainment magazines. 

After multiple rose ceremonies and one-on-ones, we were left with only four women: Serena Pitt, Bri Springs, Rachael Kirkconnell and Michelle Young. Since the cast and crew are not traveling due to COVID-19, the typical “hometown visit” was different from most seasons I had heard about. 

After meeting the family, Pitt sent herself home, which we had seen previously with Kitt Keenan and Sarah Trott. Springs, Kirkconnell and Young were left for fantasy suites.

Unfortunately, I knew Springs was still a contestant only because Pitt went home, so it was telling that she was the next to get sent home. Springs did seem to come out of nowhere and become one of my personal favorites. 

The bachelor himself is one of my least favorite on the show. Personally, he seems awkward with some women and a bit too “perfect.” Also the fact that he has been caught kissing with his eyes open— Yes, open.

Now we are left with the last two women, Kirkconnell and Young. Whether or not either of these relationships will last is uncertain and only time will tell. 

Overall, I can tell this show is not for me in the traditional sense. It is strange and unlikely to find love in nine weeks. However, I do watch the show for the drama and the interesting personalities of women like Larson. 

The final episode of The Bachelor airs Monday, March 15 at 7 p.m. on ABC.

Featured Image by Hulu and edited by Andrea Mau via Canva

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