This is the album cover for Glitterer’s Life is Not A Lesson Album. The cover is green with a red, yellow, and orange flower.

Glitterer and Life Is Not A Lesson

By Lesly Milan
Music Journalist

Formerly known as Title Fight’s co-frontman before the band decided to go on a hiatus, Ned Russin has begun his solo project under the alias, Glitterer.

Glitterer began releasing music in 2017, starting with his self-titled album. He expanded his discography a year later with his next EP, Not Glitterer. In 2019, Glitterer released his sophomore album, Looking Through The ShadesLooking Through The Shades included songs like “The Race” and “Destiny,” which helped Glitterer gain the recognition he deserves. 

Earlier this year, Glitterer released his latest album Life Is Not A Lesson. This album is very on-brand with the official sound that Glitterer has adopted. This album can best be compared to his previous album Looking Through The Shades. Glitterer makes good use of techno sounds while also leaving room for a hint of the Title Fight sound that seems to be a fan favorite. One could say that Glitterer honors his former band with the instrumentals in his new music. However, he will never fail to engineer a beautifully unique melody that can only be truly recognized as the Glitterer sound. 

Glitterer first introduced his new album with the release of three singles, “Life Is Not A Lesson,” “Didn’t Want It,” and “Are You Sure?”. These three songs set the mood for what the rest of the album is bound to sound like. “Life Is Not A Lesson” is recognized as an instrumental song with a few lyrics sprinkled in. The song appears to solely consist of a keyboard, and I’d consider it as the most unique song on the album.

Songs like “Bodies,” “Didn’t Want It,” “Homage,” and “Fire” remind me of the songs off of Looking Through The Shades. They could have easily been on that album, and vice versa, because they all follow Glitterer’s sound. 

My personal favorites off of Life Is Not A Lesson are “Try Harder Still” and “Indeed,” although every song on this album meets and exceeds all of my expectations. I highly recommend these songs to anyone who would like to give this album a listen.

I highly suggest checking out Glitterer for anyone interested in expanding their musical horizon. His music does not disappoint, and hopefully, Glitterer will continue to share his talent with the world.

Featured Image by Glitterer Bandcamp

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