How to Approach Journaling and Writing Ideas

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By Melanie Love Salazar
Web Content Contributor

Many people swear by journaling and claim it to be great as a means for better understanding and processing your emotions. Perhaps it is simply writing your thoughts on paper that helps you take a step back and understand them rather than fixate on them. Additionally, for those who feel they have no one to turn to, getting out the thoughts they hold can be crucial to feeling less isolated.

However, some might find journaling a bit daunting. They might even have a fear of doing it wrong or have a fear of not knowing where to start and therefore, never starting. Luckily on almost any social media, you can find journal prompts, tips, and outlines.

Here are just a few:

In this post, viewers are provided with some tips that help in starting a journal. She emphasizes in her caption there is no “right” or “wrong” way to do it, which I think is important to remember. Journaling is subjective to your needs and wants and can take on many different forms. While some might find satisfaction in writing every day, others might lean towards writing once a week or even a month.

Here, we are shown one type of journaling people gravitate to, which is a gratitude journal. Incorporating the habit of gratitude into one’s journaling process can help put the situation of a person’s life into perspective and help shift one’s mind to focus on the good along with the bad.

Others, like this account, prefer following prompts rather than free writing. This can be easier for beginners, or even “pros” who are running low on ideas of what to write about.

You might be looking to simply document certain hobbies or memories. Another great aspect of journaling is because it is subjective, you can choose to get creative as you want. For those who enjoy arts and crafts, individuals can “spice” up their writing time by adding stickers, doodles,
and color.

I have had multiple journals since around the time I began middle school. A lot of them did not, and will not ever get finished, and that is okay. Journaling is not meant to cause pressure or anxiety and it is important to not place unrealistic expectations on yourself of how or when to do it. I have found it helpful through certain times in my life, and others, I have forgotten about it completely. Nonetheless, I have found when I do it, no matter how little time I dedicate to it, it does make me feel good.

Life can be and often is hectic. We all should have healthy ways to cope, and you might find this way works for you!

Featured Image by Melanie Salazar.

Written by: allisonschroeder13

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