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By Mikayla Anding
Web Content Contributor

In-person classes mean staying on campus almost all day with breaks to study. If you’re like me, you enjoy finding new spots to study to change it up occasionally. Our campus is huge and there are plenty of little nooks and areas to study that you may not have tried or even heard of. 

I asked around to my friends what their favorite places to study on campus were, so I will be sharing the best study spots on campus according to other students.

The campus hammocks 

 From left to right; a white hammock under a wooden canopy which is covered in vines. A small birdhouse is in front of the hammock. A thick plant with yellow flowers, a tall tree, a bush with orange flowers, and a short lamp post. Behind all this is a cream-colored building and the sky, which has a few clouds.
The campus hammocks surrounded by all the greenery near it, behind the agriculture building.

Located between Hines Academic Center and the agriculture building (yes, I just spilled the secret of where these hammocks are. You’re welcome.), the hidden campus hammocks are a great place to study and relax. Take your assigned reading and head over there when you are on that side of campus! 

Sophomore Emma said, “nobody’s ever at that part of campus so it’s super quiet and peaceful.” It’s worth looking for, so go find it and maybe even enjoy studying there.

McCoy Hall

If you happen to be on the other side of campus more often, McCoy has lots of areas you can study in. From study rooms to the atrium, to even the sofa chairs in the hallways, there are plenty of options in this one building. I enjoyed using one of the study rooms during finals last semester and used the sofa chairs in the hall before going to my business law class. My roommate enjoys studying in the atrium of McCoy. 

“It’s very relaxing and quiet and I feel like it’s less distracting than Alkek since everyone is usually talking there,” she said. “Plus, I just get distracted by people super easily I work best alone.” My boyfriend also is always studying in McCoy, so I know this is his favorite spot as well.


Turns out you can study in the arch. Didn’t know that before? Me either. A couple of my friends said they enjoy studying up there and one of them said it can also be good people watching. I can imagine it is a wonderful view of campus as well. I doubt many people know about this little nook, so if you like to work alone, this may be a good option for you as well.

Comal Building

You know that small white building across from Flowers and next to Centennial? That’s Comal Building. I personally have never been in there, but my friend Taylor said she enjoys studying there because a lot of her classes are in her study spot is easy to get to. “When you walk through the doors it’s right there,” she said. “It’s nice and not many people know about it.”

The tables outside of Old Main

Right outside of Old Main are a couple of tables with umbrellas. I’ve worked on homework here a time or two before going to class in Old Main. This is a lovely spot when the weather is nice. One of my friends said she likes to study there because “you have a beautiful view of campus!” Maybe wait till it’s warmer for that one.

Lampasas coffee lounge

The free coffee got taken away once COVID-19 came into the picture, but the area is still there. Inside the honors building, located right next to Old Main, there is a small area with plenty of seating and perfect for studying.

There is still a coffee shop feel to this area. If I remember correctly, you get to this lounge by turning left once you get inside Lampasas and go down a short hallway until you made it. If you can’t find it, there is always plenty of staff in this building that can direct you there.

Our Lady of Wisdom

I saved my personal favorite for last! Located right next to Aspire, Our Lady of Wisdom University Parish is where I go all the time to study. There’s also a coffee lounge there (with FREE COFFEE), a small library, and tables in the lobby that many students gather at to work on homework together and hang out. 

It’s always so nice to come here because of all the different spaces, the sweet people always walking around, and the parking is so much easier. There’s a small lot right next to the building that anyone is welcome to park in as long as you’re hanging inside the building! 

This is by far my favorite place to study on campus.

I hope you found out about some new places and that you’re encouraged to try one of them out. Happy studying!

Featured Image by Mikayla Anding.

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