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Ashley Farnie

Assistant Music Director

Pretty Sick made a pit stop at Mohawk in Austin in the midst of “The Makes Me Sick” tour. Although the band was accompanied by MILLY and Mitsubishi Suicide on tour, local Austin band Die Spitz took the place of the opening act for the night’s show. When I saw on Instagram that the band I interviewed the week prior was on the bill, my dread for the drive to Austin suddenly disappeared.  After hanging out with the band alongside my fellow journalist Avery Viers – which you can read about here ( – I was entranced by the music in the small interior of Mohawk like I had never been before.

Boogey on red electric guitar and Kate on red bass guitar.
Die Spitz at Mohawk (indoor) / Ashley Farnie KTSW

The sold-out venue catered to Die Spitz’ energy and a mosh pit forms when instructed by lead vocalist and guitarist, Boogey. Beginning their set with the locally infamous chords of “Evangeline,” the crowd’s energy heightens as bodies begin swaying to bassist Kate’s powerful performance. This small, intimate space quickly becomes overheated and Die Spitz members shed layers to endure the performance.

: Ava on black electric guitar and Boogey on red electric guitar.
Die Spitz at Mohawk / Ashley Farnie KTSW

Drummer Chloe takes center stage with an electric guitar to perform her back-to-back vocal leads, while guitarist Ava occupies the drums in her absence. One of my favorite parts of a Die Spitz set, Chloe’s passionate voice and gut-wrenching lyricism entranced the crowd, now surely engulfed in the performance. Chloe’s soft-spoken nature unleashes into an embattled yelp, breathing new life into their onstage presence.

 Chloe on electric guitar.
Die Spitz at Mohawk (indoor) / Ashley Farnie KTSW

Die Spitz rose to the occasion, enraging the crowd an appropriate amount preceding Pretty Sick’s set. The local rockstars dismantle their onstage equipment and prepare to join the crowd alongside Pretty Sick’s other devoted fans. Boogey shared to her Instagram earlier in the day that Pretty Sick earned her most listened to artist spot on Spotify, so it was no surprise that Die Spitz instigated the moshing during the headline set.

 Boogey on red electric guitar.
Die Spitz at Mohawk (indoor) / Ashley Farnie KTSW

Strutting onstage in a black tank top atop lime green zebra printed tights, frontwoman of Pretty Sick, Sabrina Fuentes grabs her red bass and invites Austin into the world of Makes Me Sick Makes Me Smile. Ash-blonde pieces of hair frame Fuentes’ face and highlight the singer’s gracious enjoyment throughout the performance.

Boogey on red electric guitar.
Pretty Sick at Mohawk (indoor)/ Ashley Farnie KTSW

Pretty Sick is made complete with drummer Eva and bassist Orazio Argentero, who shreds a much loved and slightly mutilated bass. Duct tape holds the strap to the body as Argentero occupies the role of rhythm on bass. The musical complexity achieved by the band with only two bassists and a drummer stuns the crowd who recite every lyric to every song. Whilst their studio recordings include distinct male harmonies, Fuentes maintained vocals independently onstage, exceeding the perfection achieved in the studio.

Orazio Argentero of Pretty Sick on a black bass guitar.
Pretty Sick at Mohawk (indoor) / Skyler Rupnow KTSW

Pretty Sick’s set is packed with their discography, covering nearly the entirety of their latest release, Makes Me Sick Makes Me Smile, as well as tracks from Come Down (2021) and Deep Divine (2020). The night concluded with a double encore after the audience refused to exit the venue. “The Makes Me Sick” Tour continues through the end of November, where the band will play to another sold-out crowd, this time in New York.

Sabrina Fuentes of Pretty Sick on a red bass guitar.
Pretty Sick at Mohawk (indoor) / Skyler Rupnow KTSW

Another legendary evening in the city with a stacked lineup on the bill. I’m excited to see Pretty Sick’s progression as I await their return to Austin. In the meantime, stay tuned for coverage from a great local show featuring Die Spitz and Being Dead!

Sabrina Fuentes of Pretty Sick on a red bass guitar.
Pretty Sick at Mohawk (indoor) / Ashley Farnie KTSW

Written by: Jordan Young

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