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Die Spitz: Teeth Album Review

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By Lillian Jones

Music Journalist

The self-proclaimed “boy band with titz” has done it again! The rapidly growing fanbase of Die Spitz was pleasantly surprised this Thursday night, January 12, 2023, with a new album release titled, “Teeth”. Austin locals Boogey, Ava, Chloe and Kate released their debut EP “The Revenge of Evangeline” only six months ago on July 29, 2022, and have since then teased new songs at recent shows revealing their new project. Overall, the album—featuring a perfect concoction of angst and raw lyrics—is seemingly inspired by a past relationship gone poorly. The best way I could describe the album is that it is perfect for people who have gone through heartbreak, but instead of crying they just want to break stuff and scream at the top of their lungs. If you enjoy Hole’s “Live Through This” or Pretty Sick’s “Come Down”, then I suggest you give “Teeth” a listen.


“Grip” and “Hair of Dog” were the first two songs to be released two weeks ahead of the album on New Year’s Eve. I found “Grip” to set the tone for the album’s angst, easing the listener into the more fast-paced songs later on. It seemed a bit tamer than Die Spitz’s usual songs, which is saying a lot since it features Boogey screaming in the chorus. On the other hand, “Hair of Dog” was much more fast-paced and catchy, making the listener want to dance around and yell “ruff” non-stop thanks to Ava’s fun vocals.


The overall consistent theme with canines and teeth throughout the album continues with the next song titled “Groping Dogs Gushing Blood”. Sung by main drummer Chloe, the song is my personal favorite off the album as the lyrics embody the angry side of womanhood that I find to be very relatable, especially for teen girls such as myself. The track also felt reminiscent of the soundtrack from the anime “Nana,” also adding to why I enjoy it so much.


Next up we have “Chug”, which plays into the heartbreak theme through lyrics such as “Kiss me where you know it hurts,” and “Keep me in your arms to keep, Love me till I’m too weak”. Die Spitz does an exceptional job of mixing these sappy lyrics with other more playful lyrics such as “Dirt and worms and silly words,” as well as using strong instrumentals to keep the energy fun and the listeners pumped.


I found “Marrowbone” to be more about anger towards yourself with lyrics such as “I’m putrid feeling, I chew my own,” and “I’m ugly I’m mean, I kill myself now I’m clean”. In this song, Boogey’s vocals are extremely raw and powerful, especially during the chorus. Her vocals are almost reminiscent of Courtney Love’s in the song “Pretty on the Inside”, one of my favorite Hole songs which also has a similar theme with using third person to refer to oneself in a hateful manner.


“Slater” sticks out from the rest of the songs with funky and scratchy instrumentals in the beginning, reminding me of something you would hear in more of a nu-metal song. Unique from most of Die Spitz’s discography so far, “Slater” has also become one of my favorites off this track.


Lastly, we stray away from the dog theme and move onto monkeys with “Monkey Song”. I found the lyrics of this song to be a play on the phrase “monkey see, monkey do” and a metaphor for blind trust when it comes to politics and religion. I won’t get into that, but you can listen to the song to see what Die Spitz has to say!


If you haven’t already, make the drive to Austin to see a Die Spitz show before they get famous.  Seriously, these girls rock and it’s been exciting to watch them as well as their audience grows. Now go stream “Teeth”!


Featured Image Photographed and Designed by Brooke Ellisor, assisted by Eisley Hull.

Written by: Preethi Mangadu

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