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By Andrea Moor
Music Journalist

Navigating the dozens of buildings intermixed with the thousands of students routinely on campus since the semester has started, I’ve been left wondering, “Just what exactly does the staff that makes up this vast and beautiful institute listen to?”

For this, I went around campus, ready to inquire more beyond the standard casual greetings.

Working at the LBJ Student Center, I caught up with Trinity, a grad student graduating in May with an MBA. Bubbly and giggling, they gave me the intel on their music picks.

“I listen to a lot of alternative and hip hop and whatever is in between that. I find myself listening to a lot of that.”

Favorite Musicians: “Mac Miller, Pawpaw Rod, & Terry Presume. They’re good, and easy to listen to, and it’s just fun…My best friend lives in Seattle, so she sends me a lot of music from up there. It makes me feel like I’m part of the scene up there.”

Trinity smiling inside of the LBJ Student Center, their back against Wells Fargo
Trinity smiling inside of the LBJ Student Center

Strolling by the ROTC building, I met one of the attentive administrative assistants, Victoria. Having worked for over 36 years at Texas State University, they have had their over-abundant share of different departments.

“I’ve worked for 2 deans, the Health Professions, Liberal Arts, and under former Texas State President Supple. I’ve worked for the Academic Skills Programs for 17 years, and I’m currently at 13 years with this department. I really love it, this is a great place to work for…When it comes to music, I actually like rock, more so pop rock. Some western country and I guess, also classical.”

Favorite Musicians: “I’m kind of old school, I listen to The Eagles. I like Paul McCartney, and I like Tejano, such as Garry Hobbs. Before I was married, I used to dance leisurely on weekends and see people like Mafia and the Mexican Revolution. Some of the bands we used to go see aren’t popular or even together anymore…All in all, I just like upbeat music, so I do like Katy Perry. And thanks to my 26-year-old granddaughter, I love Britney Spears.”

Victoria the Administrative Assistant of the ROTC building seated outside on a bench
Victoria, the Administrative Assistant of the ROTC building, seated outside on a bench

Checking out the offered events for the upcoming weeks at the Rec, I met Miriam. Tending to the climbing center, the junior’s studying exercise and sports science with a minor in English.

“I feel like I listen to a wide variety of different stuff. There’s no set genre I could pick since it ranges from country to children’s music to folk to angry music to musicals and so on.”

Favorite Musicians: “I’d have to pick Pleaser, Beach Bunny, and All Time Low. I listened to Beach Bunny religiously in my freshman year of college when I was going through a lot. It was just an artist constantly on loop. For Pleaser, they’re just a band that’s a really good pick me up, that you know you can jam with. And All Time Low is just what I grew up with on MTV, so it’s associated with a lot of good memories and it’s honestly really good.”

Miriam with their back towards the climbing center at the Rec, smiling with their hands interlocked.
Miriam with their back towards the climbing center at the Rec

At the Computer Information Systems Lab, grad student Mahesh informed me that they’re in the second semester of studying Data Analytics.

“For music, I tend to go with jazz since coming out here. Being from India, I would usually listen to traditional Indian music, now, it’s not as much.”

Favorite Musicians: “I really enjoy Pete Yorn, Astrid S, and Pritam Chakraborty. I mostly like the composition, it’s really smooth to listen to. It’s more realistic and not artificial. Often, they’ll use one specific instrument to make the song much better, and that’s not as common with other musicians. Pritam’s work usually will make my mood physically change, making me calm down. I love how they pair the use of drums with piano.”

Mahesh, a grad student working at the Computer Information Systems Lab, located in the McCoy College of Business
Mahesh, a grad student working at the Computer Information Systems Lab, located in the McCoy College of Business


Next, I spoke with the student health center’s marketing coordinator, Luci, who was hired last April.

“I’m from Austin but I’ve been living in the nearby area for 3 years. I graduated from Texas State in Communication Design, so it’s cool applying what I learned as a student to my job…For music, I mostly enjoy alt-rock, and I guess everything that’s included in that for the most part.”

Favorite Musicians: “My top contenders would be Fallout Boy, The Killers, and King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard. My fascination with King Gizzard is more recent, but I love them. King Gizzard’s also cool in the sense that they let people be their own and let them make bootlegs of their stuff. They have a lot of songs about concerns about the environment, so I like their environmental spin on the stuff that they create…The first two picks, I think, just came to me at the right time. When they were getting big, I had just finished high school. They hit me at a point when they actually meant something, so when it hit, it just stuck for its time. I also got to see The Killers last year, which was great.”

Luci, the Marketing Coordinator of the Student Health Center, immersed in some trees whilst wearing a tie-dye hoodie
Luci, the Marketing Coordinator of the Student Health Center, immersed in some trees

Spending so much of my time at the gallery located on the 7th floor of the Alkek Library, the Wittliff Collections, I got the opportunity to speak with the Music Curator, Hector. Having worked there since October 2017, the creative has his fair share of crafting the right sort of ambiance.

“I primarily listen to Americana, Rock & Roll, and I guess, country. That’s the bulk of it.”

Favorite musicians: “For folk, I like Bob Dylan. For Tejano, I’d say Lydia Mendoza. And Tom Verlaine for punk rock. They were all pioneers and pushed the boundaries in their respective sounds. For that, they’re my favorites.”

Hector, the Music Curator of the Wittliff Collections, in front of a glass stand and smiling
Hector, the Music Curator of the Wittliff Collections, smiling

As I’m typing this up, I’m still left wondering past the individuals I spoke with. While it’s evident that there’ll never be a clear consensus, I’m glad that I received even a sliver of what music tastes make up this school.

Sometimes we forget the dimension of others, even if we claim otherwise; it’s crucial to recognize that and implement it in our engagements.

Featured Image from Andrea Moor

Written by: Amaya Lewis

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