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By Diego Gonzales

Music Journalist


A collage of four albums included in the Autumn-Coded playlist. Description: Album collage by me.
Top L-R: Why Does the Earth Give Us People to Love?, Being You Is Great, I Wish I Could Be You More Often,Standing On The Corner, In Rainbows | Diego Gonzales


It’s not quite winter, not quite summer; everybody, it’s fall. Trees are going bald, mid-terms are coming up, and pumpkins are having their day in the sun. I feel like every year, the whole pumpkin thing starts earlier and earlier, but that’s neither here nor there. Here is a taste of a playlist of my favorite songs that represent fall to me. Hopefully, you will find some new tracks or some favorite classics.


“brain” by Kara Jackson

 The 2023 release by Kara Jackson, Why Does the Earth Give Us People to Love? is filled with spectacular songwriting and melodies. At times bittersweet and others just purely existentially somber. The album is perfect for the season of the change that is Autumn. “Brain” is a particular highlight of the album for me. The progression of the track’s instrumental and Jackson’s lyrics provide an other-worldly feeling of vulnerability in a supremely polished way.


“Popeye” by Quelle Chris ft. I, Ced and Mndsgn

 From his 2017 Jazz-Rap album, Being You Is Great, I Wish I Could Be You More Often, is the bittersweet track “Popeye”. You know an album is filled with somber and reflective tracks when the title is more than 4 words. This one even has a comma in it, like what? Anyway, the track’s somber lyrics are contrasted with its sweet and smooth instrumental. The instrumental is provided by Stones Throw signee and producer Mndsgn, who broke out with his 2014 song “Camelblues” and has since collaborated with names like Danny Brown, Doja Cat, and Tyler, The Creator.


“Girl” by Standing On The Corner

 Standing On The Corner is a Brooklyn-based avant-garde music collective led by Gio Escobar. The band has collaborated extensively with Solange on her album When I Get Home, a favorite of mine for its experimental and ethereal production. SOTC’s song “Girl,” is definitely one of the group’s more accessible tracks. From their self-titled album, “Girl” is a funky but subtle low-fidelity groove with amazing sax and organ performances.


“Misty Morning” by Travis Bretzer

 Travis Bretzer delivers an instant bedroom pop classic with “Misty Morning” off his 2016 album Bitter Suites. The song starts with this awkward buzzy guitar note that instantly gives the song a charm that I keep returning to. The song’s tone sits in an intersection between somber and relaxing as Bretzer sweetly croons about being exhausted by the passing of time.


“Woodpecker No.1” by Merzbow

Okay, this song totally ruins the playlist if you’re listening to it on shuffle, but why are you listening to a curated playlist on shuffle? Maybe it’s a hot take, but I think it’s a little rude y’know? Like okay dude, I guess I could’ve just thrown all these in here without rhyme or reason. It’s that same feeling I get when I’m watching a movie that I recommended with someone, and they have to go to the bathroom, so I’m like ‘Do you want me to pause it?’ and they’re like, ‘nah, it’s okay’. Then later I ask, ‘did you like the movie?’ and they’re like ‘I didn’t get it’ like yeah dude you went to restroom during it. Anyway, I included this noisy song because it perfectly encapsulates the feeling I have when tackling fall mid-terms.


Have a great fall!

Written by: Cayla Soriano

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