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A meeting of the Texas State Film club; there are dozens of students inside a small theatre room raising their hands in the air.

International Men's Day

International Men’s Day: Texas State Film Club Members share their comfort movies

By Diego B Gonzales Blog Content Contributor     Nov. 19 is International Men’s Day, a day dedicated towards focusing on the mental health and wellbeing of men all over the world. Everybody has their own way of dealing with stress, one of the most popular being getting lost in media. A “comfort movie” is a movie that may not be perfect but brings comfort to its viewer for one […]

todayNovember 19, 2023 29

A maroon web banner featuring details for the Bobcat Care mental health panel.


Highlights from the Bobcat Care: College student mental health panel discussion

By Diego B Gonzales Blog Content Contributor   On Thursday, Nov. 2nd, the Office of Disability Services held a panel discussion on the topic of college student mental health. On the panel were Dr. Richard Martinez, Dr. Sarah Blalock, Ms. Jojo Cummins, Dr. Angela Ausbrooks and Dr. Emilio Carranco. Moderating the panel was Dr. Eraldo Chiecchi. They primarily discussed how the aftermath of COVID-19 is affecting students financially and mentally. […]

todayNovember 14, 2023 23

Johnny Dao on Texas State University holding a plush red dragon


Homecoming nominee hopes to lift underrepresented voices with his campaign

By Diego B Gonzales Blog Content Contributor   Homecoming week means a lot of things to a lot of different people, but to Texas State senior Johnny Dao, it’s an opportunity to uplift the communities he’s a part of. Dao, a pre-med biology major, takes part in many organizations at Texas State University and hopes to inspire the queer and Asian communities at the school with his homecoming campaign. For […]

todayNovember 1, 2023 34

iphone on purple background


Beautiful music can be made on your phone

By Diego B. Gonzales Music Journalist In the world today, creating and sharing music has never been easier. While the price tags on items like instruments, studio equipment and software may be daunting to up-and-coming artists, tools to create great music can be found on any standard smartphone.  One of the best examples of an artist who makes the most out of smartphones comes from Steve Lacy. There is documentation […]

todayOctober 20, 2023 18 1

A picture of KTSW alum Jared Dudley in front of a KTSW banner.

College Radio Day

Interview with former KTSW music director: Jared Dudley

By Diego B Gonzales Blog Content Contributor   Jared Dudley, the former music director for KTSW, graduated in the 2023 spring semester at Texas State University and still carries with him countless skills and memories he picked up during his time at the station. In an interview with Dudley, we talk about the skills he picked up, what being a music director is like, and surreal guardian-angel encounters.    Gonzales: […]

todayOctober 9, 2023 33 2

A collage of four albums included in the Autumn-Coded playlist. Description: Album collage by me.


Autumn coded playlist

By Diego Gonzales Music Journalist     It's not quite winter, not quite summer; everybody, it’s fall. Trees are going bald, mid-terms are coming up, and pumpkins are having their day in the sun. I feel like every year, the whole pumpkin thing starts earlier and earlier, but that’s neither here nor there. Here is a taste of a playlist of my favorite songs that represent fall to me. Hopefully, […]

todaySeptember 28, 2023 55

The setting is a grass field at night. A Team Captain is speaking to his team of players.


The Texas State Quidditch Team: Competitive and Inclusive.

By Diego B Gonzales Blog Content Contributor   The Texas State Quidditch team includes students from every background to make for an athletic experience that’s competitive as it is inclusive. Quidditch, also known as “Quadball,” is a sport that originated from the Harry Potter series. While the game, as described in the books, includes flying brooms and magical creatures, the real-life version of Quidditch is best described as a mixture […]

todaySeptember 27, 2023 33

Three members of the band Rays Berning are sitting on a couch in a living room performing a song together.


Rays Berning talks beef about Rick Rubin

By Diego Gonzales Music Journalist   Dylan Sullivan, Jeffrey Berner, Ray Chenevey, Conner Libera and Raymond Cabrera are Rays Berning. The band is made up of all comedians (besides Libera) and is based in Austin, Texas. They have released 20 projects since just May of 2022. Concepts and themes are very different for each album; album 20 was focused on Godzilla attacking a city while their 18th album was tackling […]

todaySeptember 17, 2023 42 2

collage of five drag queens

Drag Shows

Drag shows: 4WAY at The Porch

By Diego B. Gonzales Blog Content Contributor The premiere of a new monthly drag show, 4WAY, took place at The Porch on Sept. 8. The show was hosted by frequent KTSW collaborator and local Drag Queen, Cedrena Fierce, and had performances by Miz Zgi Zgi, Jupiter, Yvonna F.Mei and Shitonya Face. The Porch was packed and the audience for the show was diverse, all sorts of San Marcos locals came […]

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