In the Land of Women

By DeMornay Harper
Blog Content Contributor

Women are amazing. We come from women. We lean on women. We trust in women. We surround ourselves with their grace and divine energy. We crave it, intuitively. Despite having this innate knowledge, we still search for wholeness in the opposite sex.

In our defense this mentality is all around us. Society always asks if we are finally “seeing someone” implying that we have our lives more together if we are. Social media throws relationships, good and bad, in our faces all of the time. The good being unattainable “goals” that the couple pictured probably doesn’t even personify. The bad being terrible relationships that people fool themselves into to justifying by calling them passionate or adventurous.

It’s not just the world around us that tells us we need to find a boyfriend, but our friends do too. How many friendships do you have that are based on boy drama? Then, when you finally get rid of said-boy, the friendship crumbles because there is nothing else to talk about. Or friends that stay in toxic relationships because they are afraid to be alone.

“This is the time for women.” Photo courtesy of DeMornay Harper.

We’re done with that. This is the time for women. We don’t need men to drag us down and dull our shine. We are whole, fulfilled, gracious humans who need to realize that our precious boo who is deathly afraid of commitment may not be serving us anymore. We need to start seeing the love that we possess already. This love resides in our family, our friendships and, most of all, within ourselves.

This is not to knock the good ones because we know you guys exist. This is to tell everyone to stop looking because this mindless search where we compromise our standards for companionship is not what fills us and it never did. Let the one come to you. You will know when it feels right.

You are a queen, a prize of the highest value. Know it and act like it.

Featured image by DeMornay Harper.

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