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The album cover for “LA Trains” by eaJ Alt-text: There is a polaroid of the soundboard with two blurred out polaroids sitting on top of it. The two polaroids have LA Trains written on them in sharpie. And the larger polaroid has the date 01.17.20 and eaJ written on it in sharpie.


Webcam Covers, World Tours, and a Solo Debut: Who is eaJ?

By Zoe ElterMusic Journalist I’ve written multiple articles, at this point, about various artists in the Korean Music Industry. In all honesty, I can’t put a finger on why K-pop and its surrounding genres fascinate me. There is something unique about it. However, I can understand why some people may be adamant about venturing into the foreign territory that is this genre. There are so many artists and groups that […]

todaySeptember 5, 2020 12

Dream Perfect Regime or DPR’s Logo


Dream Perfect Regime: Who is DPR?

By Zoe ElterMusic Journalist Imagine working at a company where you have almost complete creative control and all of your coworkers are some of your closest friends. It sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what Dream Perfect Regime, known as DPR, is. DPR is “a fully independent entertainment label, reduced down to just a group of friends,” based out of Seoul, South Korea. The members of […]

todayJuly 15, 2020 293 3

six different k-pop cds


Summer K-Pop Throwback

By Jess BazalduaKTSW Guest Journalist As the popularity of Korean pop music rises, some may become interested in seeing what all the hype is about. New music is constantly being pushed out by groups and soloists, but few take a look back to the songs that were released within the last couple of years. Here are what I consider to potentially be the summertime hits of K-pop’s past. K-Pop is […]

todayJuly 3, 2019 1

Six album covers of Korean pop albums in a grid.


Your Intro Guide to K-Pop

By Timia Cobb Music Journalist Korean pop (K-pop) has been around for years but didn’t become mainstream in the U.S. until about two years ago. When most think of k-pop they think about boy crazy fans, music that can’t be understood, and cutesy themes, but it’s more than that. K-pop ties back to the amazing R&B and rap roots of great artists. K-pop "idols" devote most of their inspirations to […]

todayApril 2, 2019 10


Make Money Eating Food

By Brent Ramirez Blog Content Contributor If you’re reading this article, I’m assuming you saw the title and thought, “Okay, I’m listening…” First of all let me say no, this is not a personal ad I’m putting out there. I am not paying anyone to eat food with me because I’m lonely. That idea was canned the second I received a restraining order (kidding, mostly). No, I’m here to tell […]

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